14th Annual Dakota Prayer Ride And Water Walk And Run

By Julian Boucher -

December 9th, members of the International Indigenous Youth Council (IIYC) and supporting runners will commence the 14th Dakota Prayer Ride— including a Water Walk & Run this year. Our spiritual [...]

Co-directors Of Popular Resistance On The New Phase

By Staff, www.popularresistance.org -

Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, co-directors of Popular Resistance, describe the next phase for Popular Resistance and how it fits into the current political environment. In addition to a new [...]

Meet Some Of The People Behind Popular Resistance

By Popular Resistance, www.PopularResistance.org -

Popular Resistance is more than a daily movement news website. It is a reflection of many people - some are behind the scenes making the website function or organizing campaigns, others are [...]

‘Protest Matters’ Museum Shows What Resistance Looks Like

By John Zangas, dcmediagroup.us -

By John Zangas for DCMG - Washington, DC–A free exhibit called “Protest Matters” was organized by a local anthropologist to showcase items used at protests and how they promote change for public [...]

The Cost Of Resistance

By Chris Hedges, truthdig.com -

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - Resistance entails suffering. It requires self-sacrifice. It accepts that we may be destroyed. It is not rational. It is not about the pursuit of happiness. It is [...]

Straight Line Logic: Never Underestimate The Power Of A Question

By James Howard Kunstler, www.kunstler.com -

By James Howard Kunstler for Clusterfuck Nation - Entropy never sleeps. It works remorselessly to transform things of value into useless, dissipated waste and heat. Complexity stokes it [...]

What Is ‘The Resistance’ Anyway?

By Danny Haiphong, www.blackagendareport.com -

By Danny Haiphong for Black Agenda Report. The 2017 Left Forum made "resistance" the central theme of the annual gathering of left thinkers, activists, and organizers. The term has become [...]

Trump Will Use Every Weapon To Stamp Out Grassroots Resistance

By Douglas Williams, www.theguardian.com -

By Douglas Williams for The Guardian - Pundits say Donald Trump is “undermining democracy”. But their concern is often just about elite institutions: the media, the judiciary, the electoral [...]

From Resisting Trump To What?

By Les Leopold, www.commondreams.org -

By Les Leopold for Common Dreams - Resistance is breaking out all over: the women’s marches, the immigration airport protests and the defiant Sally Yates, the State Department mass dissents, the [...]

Civil Servants Unofficial Twitter Resistance

By Nancy Scola, www.politico.com -

By Nancy Scola for Politico - Trump has yet to tweet a response to all the needling. But his team may be realizing months too late that it’s up against a foe it didn’t reckon with. Donald Trump [...]

Don’t Shame The First Steps Of A Resistance

By Staff, www.socialistworker.org -

By Staff of Socialist Worker - THE UNITED States has just experienced a corporate hijacking. If Trump's inaugural speech did not alert you to the fact that they intend to come after all of us, [...]

Liam Barrington-Bush: Solidarity Ecosystems

By Staff, www.zcomm.org -

By Staff of Z Communications Daily Commentary - At first glance it is a factory: heavy machinery, crates, palettes, industrial barrels and men doing manual labor. Little catches the eye, except [...]

For US Inauguration, Writers Plan Resistance Events Worldwide

By John K. Wilson, www.truth-out.org -

By John K. Wilson for Truthout - The events will feature a wide array of writers ranging from Syrian exile (and Chicago cab driver) Osama Alomar to former US Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky. On the [...]

Facing Right-Wing Future, Local-Level Resistance To Trump Agenda Swells

By Nika Knight, www.commondreams.org -

By Nika Knight for Common Dreams - Many of those getting involved on the local level are entirely new to political organizing, testifying to the powerful and frightening shift represented by the [...]

Everyday Use Of Militaristic Jargon Makes Us More Combative

By Nan Levinson, www.transcend.org -

By Nan Levinson for Waging Nonviolence - 20 Dec 2016 – “War is merely the continuation of politics by other means,” wrote the Prussian Gen. Carl von Clausewitz. Lately, it’s been sounding like [...]

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