Restaurant Workers Say They Won’t Return to Work Without a Living Wage

By Saru Jayaraman, Truthout. -

On May 20, 2021, about 50 service worker leaders at One Fair Wage, an organization I lead that brings together service workers to demand a living wage, gathered to take an official vote on [...]

No-Tipping Policies At US Restaurants Prompt Delight – And Disaster

By Melanie Sevcenko, -

By Melanie Sevcenko for The Guardian - When customers of Portland’s upscale Le Pigeon receive their credit card slips, the line has been removed where the tip would normally be scribbled in. [...]

Fight For $15 Is Inevitable, Will Not Kill Restaurants

By Jim Sullivan, -

By Jim Sullivan for Restaurant News - However you view the $15-an-hour minimum wage issue — it’s the death of the industry or yet another progress barrier that government has thrown in our way [...]

‘Not On The Menu’ Rally – Sexual Harassment & Low Wages

By Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, -

New York, NY — Yesterday, dozens of restaurant workers, women’s rights activists, and supporters gathered for a rally calling for the elimination of the subminimum wage and requiring the [...]

Restauranteurs Ban Tipping, Pay Living Wage

By Bryce Covert, -

A new restaurant in Philadelphia won’t allow customers to tip its waitstaff. Instead, it plans to pay employees a living wage with generous benefits. Chef Brian Oliveira and co-owner Cristian [...]