Entire Staff Of A Burrito Restaurant In Georgia Quit

By Grace Dean, Business Insider. -

The staff of a burrito restaurant in Georgia quit by posting a sign claiming they had worked seven days a week for a month with "barely any time off." Employees at the Barberitos restaurant on [...]

How Workers Are Fighting For Better Amid Reopening

By Ryan Desmond, Tribune Magazine. -

In my twenty-year career in the hospitality sector, I have never experienced such a demanding week as the one that started on 17 May. The re-opening of pubs and restaurants may have been eagerly [...]

Desperate For Workers, US Restaurants And Stores Raise Pay

By Christiopher Rugaber, AP News. -

Washington - U.S. restaurants and stores are rapidly raising pay in an urgent effort to attract more applicants and keep up with a flood of customers as the pandemic eases. McDonald’s, Sheetz [...]

Restaurant Workers Protest Poor Working Conditions And Low Wages

By Kiara Alfonseca, ABC News. -

Food service workers are putting renewed pressure on their employers for better working conditions and wages. Businesses across the country are blaming a “workforce shortage” for being [...]

Service Workers Aren’t Lazy — They Don’t Want To Risk Dying

By Sandy Barnard, Jacobin Magazine. -

Business owners around the country are offering up a lament: “no one wants to work.” A McDonalds franchise said they had to close because no one wants to work; North Carolina congressman David [...]

Over 200 Small Business Restaurant Owners And Employers Endorse Raise The Wage Act

By Brett Wilkins, Commondreams. -

As the small restaurant sector reels from the devastating economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, a report published Thursday by advocates for tipped workers and a $15 minimum wage revealed [...]

Restaurant Workers Are Building Solidarity Amid The Pandemic

By Alice Herman, In These Times. -

Boise, Idaho - It was rain­ing light­ly June 29 when Geo Eng­ber­son, own­er of the Pie Hole pizze­ria, con­vened an emer­gency staff meet­ing. He had intend­ed a quick con­fer­ence in the [...]

Restaurant Workers Mobilize In Right To Work States During COVID-19

By Clare Busch, Shadowproof. -

Rather than trying to form a legal union in a right-to-work state, Bo-o stated, “We are a volunteer organization at this point. We are less constrained by the law.” (ShiftChange members also [...]

Small Farms Also Struggle As Restaurants Shut Down Due To Coronavirus

By Lisa Held, Civileats.com -

At Norwich Meadows Farm in upstate New York, Zaid Kurdieh and his wife Haifa grow varieties of vegetables coveted by New York City chefs. If this were a normal week, diners would be enjoying [...]

Is Seattle Min. Wage Law Really “Off To A Bad Start” For Restaurants?

By Sara Jones, www.seattle.eater.com -

By Sara Jones in Seattle Eater - This past Sunday, conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute reported that 1,300 Seattle restaurant jobs were lost between January to June of this [...]