Black-Led Resistance Movements Are Paving The Way For Reparations

By Sarah Freeman-Woolpert, Waging Nonviolence. -

Months after the police killing of George Floyd sparked racial justice protests around the world, Black Lives Matter activists are once again flooding the streets — this time in response to the [...]

Amid Calls To Defund Police, Detroit Leaders Weigh In On Alternatives

By DeJanay Booth, Model D Media. -

In the wake of Floyd’s death, protests have mobilized in several states, and locally in Detroit, where protesters have marched regularly since late May. While most protests have mostly been [...]

What’s The Alternative To Police In Schools?

By Curtis Black, Chicago Reporter. -

Thousands of Chicagoans have rallied in the past couple weeks behind the demand that Chicago Public Schools end its relationship with the police department. But a small group of advocates have [...]

Alleged Vandals Meet With Douglass Statue Creators Through ‘Restorative Justice’ Program

By Tanner Jubenville, -

Rochester, N.Y. (13WHAM) - There was outcry in the community after a Frederick Douglass statue at the corner of Tracey and Alexander Streets was vandalized in December. But those behind the [...]

Suspensions Are Down, But Restorative Discipline Not Up

By Staff, -

The racism, once long latent in “zero tolerance” school discipline policies, is now manifest to many education stake holders, especially in urban school districts with majority non-white [...]

Trial By Peace Circle: How Chicago Community Is Pursuing Jail-Free Justice

By Sarah Conway, -

By Sarah Conway for In These Times - CHICAGO—It’s 9:30 a.m. on a Thursday in late September and four young men in their early 20s sit bundled in gray and black hoodies in the gallery waiting room [...]

UN Experts Catalog Endless List Of Racial Discrimination In US

By Andrea Germanos, -

By Andrea Germanos for Common Dreams - From being victims of police killings to facing barriers to educational and health equity, African Americans are facing "systemic racial discrimination" and [...]

Deep Institutional Racism Calls For Restorative Response

By Matthew Johnson, -

The question that remains, though, is what to do when there is another instance of police brutality that threatens to tear apart yet another community -- or even the whole country? I am so bold [...]

A New Approach To Ending A Civil War

By Constanza Vieira, -

Three major advances were made over the last week in the peace talks that have been moving forward in Cuba for nearly two years between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas, while the [...]

New York City Preparing To Expand Restorative Justice Programs

By Jackie Schechter, -

The city is poised to dramatically expand restorative justice programs aimed at improving school climate and rethinking school discipline next year. The head of the Department of Education’s [...]

Crowdfunding for Malcolm X Festival 2014

By Zola Dadawele, -

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement-Atlanta Chapter,Community Aid and Development and the Atlanta community will be celebrating the 25th annual Malcolm x festival. In an effort to make this [...]

Oakland Classrooms Try Healing Instead Of Punishment

By Fania Davis, -

If the school had responded in the usual way by suspending Tommy, harm would have been replicated, not healed. Punitive justice asks only what rule or law was broken, who did it, and how they [...]