By William Blum, Williamblum.org -

One reason it’s so easy to get an American administration, the mainstream media, and the American people to jump on an anti-Russian bandwagon is of course the legacy of the Soviet Union. To all [...]

Martin Luther King Jr Was A Radical. We Must Not Sterilize His Legacy

By Cornel West, Theguardian.com -

The major threat of Martin Luther King Jr to us is a spiritual and moral one. King’s courageous and compassionate example shatters the dominant neoliberal soul-craft of smartness, money and [...]

Why Some Western Intellectuals Are Trying To Debrutalise Colonialism

By Vijay Prashad, www.scroll.in -

By Vijay Prashad for Scroll.In - Césaire was adamant: colonialism had produced nothing that would earn it respect in the scales of history. This was in 1950, when a few nations has just emerged [...]

‘Against All Odds’ Is Required Viewing For White Progressives

By Greg Kaufmann, www.billmoyers.com -

By Greg Kaufmann for Moyers and Company - “Structural racism” has become a buzzword in white progressive circles. But every time I push a white writer to break down the meaning behind the words [...]