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Right of Return

The Predicament Of Palestinian Refugees Amid Genocide

To fully understand the genocide taking place in the Gaza Strip, we need to look at how Israel has strategically distanced itself from any responsibility for the fate of the Palestinian refugees. Israel has consistently used lies and fabrications to lay the blame for the Palestinian refugees on others. Initially, it was the fault of the “Arabs” for promising the Palestinians they could leave while the Arab armies kicked the Jews out of Palestine, after which they would be able to return. The Palestinians fell for this, so the Zionist story goes, and now it is too bad for them they cannot return.

Imperiled Gazans Do Have Somewhere to Go

Many professing solidarity with Palestinians — including alleged legal experts — being slaughtered in Gaza have said they have “nowhere to go.”  It’s not true.  They do. Somewhere they actually should go.  Their homes in what is now Israel. The majority of families of Palestinians in Gaza were forced there by Israel in 1948. See this great thread by Hanine Hassan:  “Who told you that the 1.5 million displaced Palestinians sheltering in Rafah have nowhere left to go? My family, now in Rafah, has a home in Jaffa, from which we were expelled by a fascist German family. The majority of our people in Gaza have homes to go to, all over Palestine.” 
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