What Planet Are We On?

By Michael Klare, Tom Dispatch. -

In case you hadn’t noticed, the exploding coronavirus pandemic (we’re #1!) has taken a tad of our attention lately and the definition of “the future” has largely become: When will this be [...]

The Rights Of Nature: Indigenous Philosophies Reframing Law

By Kiana Herold, www.intercontinentalcry.org -

By Kiana Herold for IC - Indigenous battles to defend nature have taken to the streets, leading to powerful mobilizations like the gathering at Standing Rock. They have also taken to the courts, [...]

Town May Be First To Ban Nestle From Stealing Their Water

By Ben Forstenzer, www.usuncut.com -

By Ben Forstenzer for U.S. Uncut - A first-in-the-nation ballot initiative to stop Nestle from buying public water may soon be up for a vote in Oregon’s Hood River County. The ballot initiative [...]

The Rights of Nature Movement Builds Momentum

By Suzanne York www.earthisland.org -

The rights of nature idea acknowledges that nature, in all its life forms, has the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles. The concept recognizes that other beings — [...]

Trading Nature For Profit

By Nancy Price, www.thealliancefordemocracy.org -

People of the Pacific Rim, their communities and the ecosystems, on which all life depends, are at the mercy of big energy and agriculture corporations, which are among the thousands of global [...]

Bolivia’s Indigenous Future: A Balance Of Preservation, Protection And Connection

By Courtney Parker, www.intercontinentalcry.org -

Evo Morales’s very name seems to suggest his destiny of leading Bolivia in a valiant attempt at ‘moral evolution’ with all other Nation States in tow. Tasked with the difficult role of [...]

One Man’s Clever Idea To Fight Frackers And Save His Organic Farm

By Caitlin Kawaguchi, www.globalexchange.org -

With THE DR. LUCINDA HART-GONZÁLEZ CONSERVATION EASEMENT, Cleghorn sees himself as living the change the world needs and setting an example of working in partnership with Nature. That could [...]

One Man’s Clever Idea To Fight Frackers, Save Organic Farm

By Caitlin Kawaguchi, www.alternet.org -

When J. Stephen Cleghorn realized that Paradise Gardens and Farm, his certified-organic farm in Pennsylvania that sits above the Marcellus Shale formation, was at risk of being “fracked” for [...]