The Robot, Unemployment, And Immigrants

By Roberto Savio, -

Going out, you swipe the card, which goes to your bank account or to a credit card, and that it is. No ques, no cashiers, fast and easy. The first shop, in Seattle, has a roaring success. Nobody [...]

Will AI Jobs Revolution Bring About Human Revolt, Too?

By Kentaro Toyama, -

But the job apocalypse might have a silver lining. The Luddites of the 1800s were unsuccessful for a number of reasons: They were politically marginal. They were not well-organized. They [...]

Are Robots Keeping Wages Low?

By Jesse Ferreras, -

By Jesse Ferreras for Global News - It used to be the case that when employers had trouble hiring, wages would increase in places with low jobless rates. Then came the rise of machines. These [...]

Robots Dying Rapidly When They Try To Clean Up Fukushima

By Niamh McIntyre, -

By Niamh McIntyre For Independent - A Japanese company tasked with cleaning up Fukushima, the site of the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, has admitted that its attempts to probe the site [...]

Robots “Cheaper Than Any Human Worker” Mean End Of Jobs

By Mac Slavo, -

By Mac Slavo for Activist Post - Before future-history brings us a dark and grim reality pitted against a killer Terminatorrobot army, humanity will have to face job killing robots. And that may [...]

IDF Expects UGVs, Robots To Play Ever-Greater Roles In Combat

By Yaakov Lapin, -

The army will deploy new unmanned ground vehicles that can carry remote-controled weapons and sensors for surveillance missions to patrol the Gazan border this year. The Tomcar-based Guardium, [...]