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Rolling Rebellion

Activist Floats Honored Nationwide In Parades

Activism is, as it has to be in order to keep on keeping on, fun and exhilarating and a labor of love. But … anyone who has involved themselves in activist activities for any length of time has experienced some of the not-always-so pleasant aspects of ‘working for the cause.’ Preparing and building something behind the scenes can sometimes be thankless and tedious, bringing little or no recognition for the hours spent organizing, preparing banners, art work, flyers and pamphlets in order to end up with a final result that is effective, preferably fun for all participants and at least most witnesses, and brings substantial attention and interest to whatever the cause happens to be.

Rolling This Rebellion Forward: Ending The Influence Of Money In Politics

The movement to get money out of politics has started to roll. At a time when over 40 states either have 28th amendment initiatives passed or in progress – to overturn Citizens United and declare that money is not speech and corporations are not people – it's clear that activists across the country are bringing political power back into the hands of the people. And as individual cities, counties and states forge ahead to stop the corrupting influence of money in politics, there remains a need for national cohesion – to highlight the many and varied grassroots efforts, and to tie them together into the fabric of this growing national movement. This was the thinking behind the Rolling Rebellion, a week of artful activism that spread nationwide this month linking cities and citizens in creative efforts signalling that it's time to get the money out of politics.

Crowdsourcing Our Way Out Of the Crisis of Democracy

People across the country are rebelling for real democracy with creative protests demanding an end to government corrupted by big money and corporate power. We are in the midst of a week of wonderful spectacle actions to raise awareness of the need for real democracy. The Rolling Rebellion for Read Democracy is a new campaign that will be ongoing and will build over coming months to confront the corruption of government. . . We have often thought about what a constitutional convention – of the people – would look like in the United States. Instead, we’d like to see a process that came from the grassroots – an online process using wiki technology and social media to create a framework for a new constitution, followed by assemblies or town halls held across the country that put details on that framework, then a return to a wiki process to meld these ideas together into a final document.

Seattle Rolling Rebellion For Real Democracy

The Seattle Rolling Rebellion used artful activism to draw attention to getting money out of politics in a fun and engaging way at Greenlake and Woodland park in Seattle. They used giant puppets including a crazy six armed bloated corporate being with an ill-fitting human mask over a money bag scarecrow head and money leaking out everywhere. Each of it's giant hands on a long snaky arm, is held up on a pole by judges with money and corporate logos on the robes and fat cats, sweeping the crowd, and intermittently capturing our Lady Liberty giant puppet. Luckily caped superheros wielding giant pencil swords come to the rescue and, free her.

Occupy Venice: ‘May The 4th Be With You’

In keeping with the theme "May the 4th be with you", Occupy Venice aka the Rebel Alliance joined with members of Vets for Peace, the Topanga Peace Alliance and other activist groups as a part of the 4th of July Parade down Main St in Santa Monica. Over 50 participants led the call to overturn the Empire and fight the TPP, Corporate Personhood, and a new war in Iraq. "Stop Wars" banners and street theater filled the parade as OV acted out lightsaber duels with stormtroopers and against the evil corporate influence of money in politics. The crowd of 5,000 joined in on chants of "The people united will never be defeated!" and cheered along with the march. The Rebel Alliance continued their march down the Venice boardwalk and rallied throughout the rest of the day, welcoming the public and tourists to take part.
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