Activist Floats Honored Nationwide In Parades

By Kitt Flynn, -

Activism is, as it has to be in order to keep on keeping on, fun and exhilarating and a labor of love. But … anyone who has involved themselves in activist activities for any length of time has [...]

Rolling This Rebellion Forward: Ending The Influence Of Money In Politics

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

The movement to get money out of politics has started to roll. At a time when over 40 states either have 28th amendment initiatives passed or in progress – to overturn Citizens United and declare [...]

Crowdsourcing Our Way Out Of the Crisis of Democracy

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, , www.PopularResistance -

People across the country are rebelling for real democracy with creative protests demanding an end to government corrupted by big money and corporate power. We are in the midst of a week of [...]

Seattle Rolling Rebellion For Real Democracy

By Staff, -

The Seattle Rolling Rebellion used artful activism to draw attention to getting money out of politics in a fun and engaging way at Greenlake and Woodland park in Seattle. They used giant puppets [...]

Occupy Venice: ‘May The 4th Be With You’

By Occupy Venice, -

In keeping with the theme "May the 4th be with you", Occupy Venice aka the Rebel Alliance joined with members of Vets for Peace, the Topanga Peace Alliance and other activist groups as a part of [...]