Late-Stage Imperial Omni-Crisis: Death By Virus And Internal Contradictions

By Glen Ford, -

The nation that considers itself to be the apex of capitalist achievement on planet Earth turns out to have no health care system worthy of the name – a testament to the sucking moral vacuum at [...]

The Koch-Soros Quincy Project: A Train Wreck Of Neocon And ‘Humanitarian’ Interventionists

By Daniel McAdams, -

Those hoping the non-interventionist cause would be given some real muscle if a couple of oligarchs who've made fortunes from global interventionism team up and pump millions into Washington [...]

Secret Wars, Forgotten Betrayals, Global Tyranny. Who Is Really In Charge Of The U.S. Military?

By Cynthia Chung, -

Once again we find ourselves in a situation of crisis, where the entire world holds its breath all at once and can only wait to see whether this volatile black cloud floating amongst us will [...]

Social Media And Social Control: How Silicon Valley Serves The US State Department

By Morgan Artyukhina, -

Facebook isn’t the only Silicon Valley firm with partisan oversight of what we see: the bipartisan billionaire class and their security state have partnered with tech firms since the dawn of the [...]

The Impeachment’s Moral Hypocrisy

By Chris Hedges, -

The impeachment process was a nauseating display of moral hypocrisy. The sound bites by Republicans and Democrats swiftly became predictable. The Democrats, despite applauding the announcement of [...]

A Hawkish Impeachment

By W. James Antle III, -

Despite fond youthful memories of Bill Clinton/Kenneth Starr/Monica Lewinsky jokes on late-night television, my interest in the current impeachment saga can pretty much be summed up as follows: [...]

Trump Was Right: NATO Should Be Obsolete

By Medea Benjamin, -

The three smartest words that Donald Trump uttered during his presidential campaign are “NATO is obsolete.” His adversary, Hillary Clinton, retorted that NATO was “the strongest military alliance [...]

The Ukrainegate Farce

By Margaret Kimberley, -

Donald Trump is not a very smart man. His decision to fire FBI Director James Comey is proof. That rash act sparked the Robert Mueller investigation which lasted for two years and did great [...]

Death By Oligarchy

By Chris Hedges, -

Oligarchs are blinded by hubris, wealth and power. Their cloying sense of entitlement sees them outraged by even the most tepid reforms or mildest of criticisms. They lack empathy and compassion, [...]