On Contact: American Coup d’Etat

Dennis Kucinich served as a US representative from Ohio from 1997 to 2013, losing his seat after the state Democratic Party machine redrew Ohio’s 10th Congressional district, a redistricting [...]

Chris Hedges: Bandaging The Corpse

By Chris Hedges, ScheerPost.com. -

The established ruling elites know there is a crisis. They agreed, at least temporarily, to throw money at it with the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 bill known as American Rescue Plan (ARP). But the ARP [...]

All Of Humanity’s Problems Are Caused By A Lack Of Awareness

By Caitlin Johnstone. -

I write about humanity’s problems as a species in all sorts of ways in this space, but really if you want to get straightforward about things all we’re ever actually talking about here is a lack [...]

Chris Hedges: The Age Of Social Murder

By Chris Hedges, ScheerPost.com. -

The two million deaths that have resulted from the ruling elites mishandling of the global pandemic will be dwarfed by what is to follow. The global catastrophe that awaits us, already baked into [...]

In The Worst Of Times, The Billionaire Elite Plunder The Working Class

By Nick Baker, Counterpunch. -

Since March, more than 58 million people in the U.S. have filed for unemployment. The Internal Revenue Service now predicts that the U.S. economy will have almost 40 million fewer jobs in 2021 [...]

Reforms Are Won When Social Movements Inflict Real Costs On The Economic Elite

By Justin Vassallo, Truthout. -

In an interview over email, co-author Kevin A. Young discussed the limits of electoral politics to advance a more egalitarian social contract and the strategies today’s social movements can [...]

After 300 Years, It’s Time To End Capitalism, Not Reform It

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The United States is facing multiple crises with no signs of improvement on the horizon - a deep recession, high unemployment, millions of people soon to be displaced from their homes, a failed [...]

National Uprising Exposes Divisions In The Ruling Class…

By Ari Saffran and John Peterson, Socialist Revolution. -

For weeks on end, the George Floyd protests against racism and police violence shook America. Support for the movement overflowed all demographic boundaries as an estimated 10% of all American [...]

On Contact: Analysis Of George Floyd Protests

On the show today, Chris Hedges discusses the George Floyd protests erupting in over 140 American cities with Glen Ford, executive editor of Black Agenda Report. "And the black misleadership [...]

Chris Hedges: The Treason Of The Ruling Class

By Chris Hedges, Scheer Post. -

The ruling elites no longer have legitimacy. They have destroyed our capitalist democracy and replaced it with a mafia state. What the Roman philosopher Cicero called a commonwealth, a res [...]

White Supremacy Is The Virus; Police Are The Vector

By Nick Pemberton, Counterpunch. -

Tensions are high as Minneapolis police murdered a black man named George Floyd, not by gunshot, but by an agonizingly long kneel on his neck; which was not released for seven minutes, several of [...]

400 March And Rally To Tax Amazon As Momentum Grows Against Any State Ban On Taxing Big Business

By Staff, Taxamazon.net -

On Sunday March 1, 400 community members marched from the Cal Anderson Park fountain to the Amazon corporate campus as part of Seattle’s Tax Amazon movement. Against the backdrop of the Amazon [...]

The Golden Age Of White Collar Crime

By Michael Hobbes, Huffpost.com -

OVER THE LAST TWO YEARS, nearly every institution of American life has taken on the unmistakable stench of moral rot. Corporate behemoths like Boeing and Wells Fargo have traded blue-chip [...]

Isn’t A Wealth Tax Common Sense?

By J. Bradford DeLong, Project-syndicate.org -

The wealth-tax proposals being advanced by Democratic US presidential primary contenders clearly meets the public-finance standard for an ideal form of revenue generation. So why have these plans [...]

UN Ruling Could Be A Game-Changer For Climate Refugees And Climate Action

By Yvonne Su,  Theconversation.com -

The recent ruling by the United Nations that governments cannot return people to countries where their lives might be threatened by climate change is a potential game-changer — not just for [...]