Co-Op Broadband Brightens Future Of Rural Alabama

By Cathy Cash, -

The future of tiny Brilliant, Alabama, just got brighter with a clear path to broadband. Thanks to Tombigbee Electric Cooperative, state leadership and funds from the U.S. Department of [...]

Net Neutrality Is Vital – So Is Rural Broadband

By Neil Ritchie, Anchorage Daily News. -

Most issues look different from rural America, but that's especially true of net neutrality. No one doubts that net neutrality policies to keep the internet open and free for all users is [...]

The Broadband Boost Small-Town America Needs

By Alex Marshall, -

They are mostly towns you’ve probably never heard of, places like Sandy, Ore., Leverett, Mass., Lafayette, La., and Longmont, Colo. Yet these smaller communities, and hundreds more like them, [...]

Growing Problems With Rural Healthcare Exchanges

By Megan Stanley, -

The variability of enrollment and coverage options in statewide health insurance marketplaces has been a long-standing challenge with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Rural areas, which are often [...]

Trump’s Rural Voters Fighting To Keep Land From Growing Web Of Pipelines

By Stuart Leavenworth, -

By Stuart Leavenworth for McClatchy - Norm MacQueen would seem to fit the profile of a property owner comfortable with an oil and gas pipeline running through his land. A retired oil refinery [...]

‘Class Of ’27’ Shows How Politicians And Mainstream Media Fail Rural America

By Emma Niles, -

By Emma Niles for Truth Dig - The most provocative political statements often are delivered through artistic expression. This is most certainly the case in “Class of ’27,” a collection of short [...]

Rural Women In Latin America Define Their Own Kind Of Feminism

By Fabiana Frayssinet, -

Rural organisations in Latin America are working on defining their own concept of feminism, one that takes into account alternative economic models as well as their own concerns and viewpoints, [...]

Indigenous Rights Report: 94% Of US Companies Ignore Rural Community Impacts

By First Peoples Worldwide, -

Recent community backlash against the Keystone XL pipeline, Indigenous protests against oil and gas concession auctions in Ecuador and Peru, and violent resource conflicts in Indonesia have all [...]