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European Nuclear Deterrent A Harebrained Illegal Proposal

It is quite astonishing and clearly insane, that Manfred Weber, the German leader of the European Union’s center-right European People’s Party, now expected to come in first in the European Parliament election scheduled on June 6-9th, is calling for the EU’s own nuclear “deterrent”—arguing that the US-stationed nuclear weapons in five NATO states, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherland, and Turkey, may be inadequate protection for Europe’s security should Trump, that great friend of Russia, be elected! There is a total disconnect from reality in the western world. It is driven by what has been described as an expansion of the warning of former General Eisenhower, commander of US World War II forces that worked with Russia to defeat the Nazi onslaught, which happened to kill the astounding number of 27 million Russians, in his outgoing presidential address.

US Senator Says Ukraine Is ‘Gold Mine’ With $12 Trillion Of Minerals

A prominent US lawmaker has referred to Ukraine as a “gold mine”, insisting the West must maintain access to its estimated $12 trillion worth of critical minerals. US Senator Lindsey Graham made these comments in a June 10 interview on the CBS program “Face the Nation”. “They’re sitting on $10 to $12 trillion of critical minerals in Ukraine”, Graham said. “They could be the richest country in all of Europe. I don’t want to give that money and those assets to Putin to share with China”, he added. Graham, a Republican, recalled that, when Donald Trump was president, he sent Ukraine military aid in the form of loans.

The Three Key Messages From St. Petersburg To The Global Majority

President Putin, a “European Russian” and true son of this dazzling, dynamic historic marvel by the Neva, delivered an  extremely detailed one-hour speech on the Russian economy at the forum’s plenary session. The key takeaway: as the collective West launched total economic war against Russia, the civilization-state turned it around and positioned itself as the world’s 4th largest economy by purchasing power parity (PPP). Putin showed how Russia still carries the potential to launch no less than nine sweeping – global – structural changes, an all-out drive involving the federal, regional, and municipal spheres.

Using Ukraine Since 1948

The United States has for nearly 80 years seen Ukraine as the staging ground for its once covert and increasingly overt war with Russia. After years of warnings, and after talk since 2008 of Ukraine joining NATO, Russia fought back two years ago. With neither side backing down, Ukraine is increasingly becoming a flashpoint that could lead to nuclear war. The West thinks Russia is bluffing. But its doctrine states that if Russia feels its existence is threatened it could resort to nuclear arms. Instead of taking these warnings seriously, NATO is recklessly opening corridors for a ground war against Russia in Ukraine; France says it’s putting together a coalition of nations to enter the war, despite Russia saying French or any other NATO force would be fair game.

Lavrov Opens BRICS Meeting In Russia, First After New Members Joined

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov opened the two-day BRICS foreign ministers’ meeting as its chair in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod from June 10 to 11. Among those attending are: China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi, South Africa’s Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Dr. Naledi Pandor, Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry, and Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mauro Vieira, while Turkey’s Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan is attending in the extended format of the meeting. This marks the first after the bloc was joined by new members – Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, as its original members are Russia, China, India, Brazil, and South Africa.

Scott Ritter Silenced By Liberal Authoritarians

It is not difficult to be astonished these days, given how many things going on around us warrant astonishment. To pull something out of a hat at random, the Democratic apparatus has openly, brazenly politicized the judicial system—weaponized it, if you prefer—in its determination to destroy Donald Trump and now has the temerity to warn in the gravest terms that a second Trump term would mean… the politicization of American justice. Again at random, in The Washington Post’s June 7 editions George Will tells us President Biden “has provided the most progressive governance in U.S. history.” Yes, he wrote that. Give in to your astonishment.

94% Of Americans Want To End Ukraine War, But US Rejects Peace Deal

Polling shows that the vast majority of people in the United States and Western Europe want negotiations to end the war in Ukraine. Despite this, NATO opposes a peace proposal made by China and Brazil, and refuses to invite Russia to a so-called “peace conference” that the Western powers are holding in Switzerland from June 15-16. The Institute for Global Affairs of Eurasia Group, an avowedly pro-NATO and anti-Russia consulting firm that has worked extensively with Western governments, published a study this June titled “The New Atlanticism”. The survey found that the 94% of people in the US and 88% in Western Europe want a negotiated settlement to end the war in Ukraine.

China, Russia And Iran Call On The West To Restore Nuclear Deal

China, Russia and Iran, three of the seven original signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or Iran nuclear deal, issued a joint statement on Wednesday, June 5, asking the European signatories to take efforts to restore the deal. “The People’s Republic of China, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation are convinced that it is time for Western Countries to demonstrate political will, stop the continued cycle of escalation that has been going on for almost two years and take the necessary steps towards the revival of the JCPOA. This can still be done,” the statement reads.

Biden Sliding Towards World War III

Joe Biden is a very dangerous man indeed. In his many years of public service, first in the United States Senate then as Vice President, and now President, he was never thought of as being very smart. He was always a doctrinaire cold warrior wedded to the idea that the United States must have “primacy,” that is to say, dominate the whole world. He is a racist and a mediocrity who rose to the presidency by reassuring the ruling class that he would be forever loyal to their interests. Having said that, perhaps he differs from other presidents and the rest of the political class only in his hapless manner, and his obvious cognitive impairments.

The West Is Hell-Bent On Provoking Russia Into A Hot War

The warning by President Putin could not be starker: “In the event of the use of long-range weapons, the Russian Armed Forces will again have to make decisions about expanding the sanitary zone further (…) Do they want global conflict? It seemed they wanted to negotiate [with us], but we don’t see much desire to do this.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov then came up with the appropriate metaphor to designate NATO’s ramped-up military outbursts: not only NATO is raising the degree of escalation but delving into a warlike "ecstasy". It does not get more serious than that. “They”, as Putin alluded to, do seem to want “global conflict”. That’s at the heart of NATO’s new suicidal “ecstasy” strategy.

US Endgame In Ukraine — War Without End, Amen

It is now two and a half years since Moscow sent two draft treaties, one to Washington, one to NATO in Brussels, as the proposed basis of talks toward a new security settlement — a renovation of relations between the trans–Atlantic alliance and the Russian Federation. An urgently needed renovation, we must quickly add. And after that we must also quickly add the Biden regime’s rejection of Russia’s proposals as a “nonstarter” faster than you can say “deluded.” Let us pause for a sec to bring to mind all those who have died in the war that erupted in Ukraine a year and a few months after Joe Biden refused, even mocked, Vladimir Putin’s honorable diplomatic demarche. All the maimed and displaced, all the towns and cities destroyed, all the farmland turned into moonscape.

China And Russia Strengthen Friendship, Blast Western ‘Neocolonialism’ And Militarism

As the United States imposes more and more sanctions on China and Russia, this has only driven the Eurasian powers closer together. The leaders of the two countries convened in Beijing in May. It was their 43rd meeting. There, Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin signed a joint statement commemorating the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations. In the document, China and Russia blasted Western “colonialism and hegemonism”, called to build a more multipolar world with increased representation for the Global South, and expressed support for de-dollarization and expansion of BRICS.

China-Russia Joint Statement On ‘New Era’, Marks 75th Anniversary Of Relations

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin traveled to China from May 16-17, 2024, where he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. This was the 43rd meeting between the two leaders, although it held particular significance as it marked the 75th anniversary of the relations between their countries. While in Beijing, Xi and Putin signed a lengthy joint statement, which when translated into English amounts to roughly 8000 words. The document is available in Chinese and Russian on the websites of the respective governments. As of May 25, there is no official translation of the full text in English. Only short excerpts of the statement have been reported on in the English-language media.

On Rockin’ In The Free World

On the evening of 14 May, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken climbed onstage at Barman Dictat in Kyiv, Ukraine, to pick up an electric guitar and join the Ukrainian punk band 19.99. Ukrainians, he said, are ‘fighting not just for a free Ukraine, but for a free world’. Blinken and 19.99 then played the chorus of Neil Young’s ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’, entirely ignoring the implications of its lyrics – much like Donald Trump, who, to Young’s irritation, used the chorus in his 2015–2016 presidential campaign. In February 1989, the day after Young received the news that his band’s tour in the USSR fell through, he penned the song’s lyrics, resting on his criticisms of the Reagan years and the first month of George H. W. Bush’s presidency.

Western Arms Supplies To Ukraine Prevent Peaceful Solutions

As a journalist, Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report, and a member of the Black Alliance for Peace and of the United National Antiwar Coalition, and as a citizen of the United States, the nation which has taken a lead role in continuing this crisis, I am very eager to speak to this issue. As of now, the U.S. government has allocated nearly $175 billion for the Ukrainian war effort and to support the workings of Ukraine’s civilian government. For the last two years we have seen a terrible war which would end if this country and others would stop providing arms and instead seek peace. There were opportunities for that very thing to happen in March and April of 2022, when the government of Turkiye hosted peace talks between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.
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