What Trump’s Syrian Withdrawal Really Reveals

By Stephen F. Cohen, Information Clearinghouse -

Trump’s decision on Syria, coupled with his order to reduce US forces in Afghanistan by half, has been “condemned,” as The New York Times approvingly reported, “across the ideological spectrum,” [...]

Russiagate Smashes Human Survival Attempts

By David Swanson, American Herald Tribune -

Humanity faces climate and nuclear threats to its existence, spearheaded by the U.S. government. Survival proposals, or what your television calls fringe leftist schemes backed by Vladimir Putin [...]

UK And US PSYOP Collusion

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report. -

For more than two years the corporate media, elite think tanks, NATO leaders, and most Democratic Party politicians have insisted that Russia interferes in American and European elections. The [...]

Dangerous: Pro-War Democrats Use Russiagate To Bloat the Military

By Sarah Lazare, In These Times -

Establishment Democrats' strategy of hitching their “resistance” campaign to Russiagate is misguided and dangerous. By demanding Trump prove he’s tough on Russia, the same Democrats who warn that [...]

William Blum takes on the Washington Post’s Neocon, Max Boot

By William Blum, The Anti-Empire Report -

Dear Mr. Boot, You write: “Every administration since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s has tried to improve relations with Moscow.” I stopped. Frozen. Can the man be serious? Yes, he is. God help [...]

Trump Strikes Back At ‘Ringleader’ Brennan

By Ray McGovern, Consortium News -

There’s more than meets the eye to President Donald Trump’s decision to revoke the security clearances that ex-CIA Director John Brennan enjoyed as a courtesy customarily afforded former [...]

‘Too Big To Fail’: Russia-gate One Year After VIPS Showed A Leak, Not A Hack

By Patrick Lawrence, Consortiumnews.com -

A year has passed since highly credentialed intelligence professionals produced the first hard evidence that allegations of mail theft and other crimes attributed to Russia rested on purposeful [...]

Russiagate: Dems Would Rather Get Elected Opposing Russia Than On Popular Progressive Causes

By Staff, Peoplesvoice.ca -

The world is watching the latest political in-fighting in Washington with a mixture of fascination and dread. This is not surprising, since every twist and turn of the melodrama around the [...]

A Sign Of The Times; US Journalist Detained At Helsinki Summit

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

During the scripted Trump-Putin press conference in Helsinki, Finland, a US journalist, Sam Husseini, was taken into police custody for holding a small sign. Husseini, a long time advocate for [...]

A Plea To Progressives: Reject Russia Hysteria And Prioritize Social Justice

By Ben Spielberg, 34justice.com -

Skepticism of our intelligence agencies’ claims is warranted, as history has shown. From overthrowing the democratically elected Allende government in Chile and lying about it to secretly selling [...]

Aftermath Of Helsinki Summit: American ‘Democracy’ In Action

By Finian Cunningham, Informationclearinghouse.info -

July 19, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  After his landmark summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, US President Donald Trump was apparently forced into an embarrassing u-turn [...]

Let’s See Who’s Bluffing In The Criminal Case Against The Russians

By Scott Ritter, Theamericanconservative.com -

It was a remarkable moment in a remarkable press conference. President Donald Trump had just finished a controversial summit meeting in Helsinki with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, [...]

US Media is Losing Its Mind Over Trump-Putin Press Conference

By Joe Lauria, Consortiumnews.com -

As soon as the press conference ended CNN cut to its panel with these words from TV personality Anderson Cooper: “You have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an [...]

Has Mueller Caught The Hackers?

AARON MATE: It’s The Real News, I’m Aaron Mate. For the first time, special counsel Robert Mueller has issued an indictment directly related to “Russiagate’s” underlying crime, the theft of [...]

The NED’s Useful Idiots

By Joyce Nelson, Counterpunch.org -

On Friday, June 8, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow augmented her nightly Russiagate fetish by extolling the merits of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), telling her huge audience that the NED, [...]

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