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Salt Lake City

Rally At Utah State Capitol Highlights Threats To Great Salt Lake

Salt Lake City, Utah - Hundreds of local activists and concerned residents gathered at the foot of the Utah State Capitol building Jan. 14, three days before the 2023 state legislative session began, during a rally to “save our Great Salt Lake.” Between chants and songs, speakers addressed the crowd in an effort to raise awareness about the multiple crises facing Great Salt Lake. While some appealed to law makers to implement reforms, others took aim at the root causes of the catastrophes threatening the existence of the lake and its ecosystem. Great Salt Lake is at risk of ecological collapse. As of January, the lake has lost 60% of its historical surface area and 73% of its water, according to a collaborative report released by the Brigham Young University College of Life Sciences earlier this month. That report says, if current conditions persist and emergency measures aren’t taken, the lake could be completely dry in as little as five years.

Protests After Police Shoot Teen Holding Broomstick

By Staff of By Associated Press - This is the 17-year-old boy fighting for his life in a coma after Utah police shot him in the chest because he was brandishing a broomstick. Abdi Mohamed was hospitalized in downtown Salt Lake City on Saturday night after the shooting near a homeless shelter. Mohamed, who lives with his girlfriend and their son, moved to the States from Kenya 10 years ago, according to the New York Daily News.

Utah Protest Responds To Oregon Militia

By Staff of Fox 13 News - SALT LAKE CITY -- The occupation of Oregon’s Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge sparked another occupation in Salt Lake City Sunday, as activists in favor of government managing public lands made their voices heard at a duck pond at Sugar House Park. Among those gathered at the park was a man calling himself “Slickrock Stranger” who sang a new take on the classic, “This Land is Your Land.”
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