Statement On Zimbabwe Solidarity Day

By A-APRP. -

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (A-APRP) stand with Zimbabwe and the countries of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) on this October 25th “SADC Anti-Sanctions [...]

Allow Humanitarian Aid To Reach Venezuela

By Progressive International. -

We are writing to you to urge Novo Banco to execute the transfer of a modest portion of the now technically unfrozen assets belonging to Bandes, the Venezuelan economic and social development [...]

Tensions Rise At Third Round Of Stalled Government-Opposition Negotiations

By Paul Dobson, Venezuelanalysis. -

Mérida – The Venezuelan government and US-backed opposition held a third round of talks in Mexico City over the weekend amid increasing friction. The weekend negotiations followed “fruitful” [...]

New Phase Of Economic Attacks And Hybrid War On Nicaragua

By Ben Norton, The Grayzone. -

The US Congress Invited Neoconservative Regime-Change Strategists To Discuss The Next Stage Of Hybrid Warfare On Nicaragua’s Sandinista Government, Which Will Likely Involve Creating An Economic [...]

Cape Verde’s Top Court Approves Maduro Envoy’s Extradition To US

By Aaron Ross, Reuters. -

Praia - Cape Verde's highest court ruled on Tuesday that Alex Saab, a Colombian businessman who is wanted by U.S. authorities on charges of laundering money on behalf of Venezuela's government, [...]

Don’t Wage Economic War On Afghanistan

By Daniel Larison, -

Now that U.S. forces have finally exited Afghanistan, some American hawks are already agitating for the government to stoke internal conflict by backing a new insurgency and wage economic warfare [...]

Why Hezbollah Is Bringing Iranian Fuel To Lebanon

By Radwan Mortada, Orinoco Tribune. -

The chokehold on Lebanon has grown even tighter, thanks to the embargo imposed against it by the United States and its Arab allies in the Persian Gulf. This comes at the lowest point of Lebanon’s [...]

Venezuela Is The Fifth Country With Most ‘Sanctions’ In The World

By Alba Ciudad, Orinoco Tribune. -

Venezuela has submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court (ICC) a new report containing evidence on the damage caused by the illegal sanctions—the unilateral coercive [...]

Nicaragua At A Revolutionary Crossroads And In Imperialist Crosshairs

By Netfa Freeman, Black Agenda Report. -

Regime change against Nicaragua, in particular, is intensifying through tightened sanctions and a pervasive disinformation campaign. Although exploiting proclivities for Black and Indigenous [...]

Sanctions Won’t Help Afghans.

By Natasha Hakimi Zapata , In These Times. -

One only has to look at ongoing U.S. sanctions on two-dozen countries to realize that they are a moral catastrophe, especially during the pandemic. From the Balkans to Zimbabwe, the United States [...]

MintPress News Confronts Senator Cruz On Murderous US Sanctions

By Alexander Rubinstein, Mintpress News. -

Las Vegas — On Saturday, MintPress News’ Ben Rubinstein ran into Senator Ted Cruz at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport. Recognizing the senator’s long-standing support for economic [...]

#FreeAlexSaab Delegation: First Day In Cabo Verde

By Roger Harris, Popular Resistance. -

Sal Island, Cabo Verde - In their first full day in Cabo Verde, the emergency human rights delegation met with Saab’s lawyer and the Venezuelan ambassador, tried to meet with the local police [...]

We Stand With Cuba Against The US Embargo And Hybrid War

By Luna Olavarría Gallegos, Manolo De Los Santos, Vijay Prashad, et al, Counterpunch. -

On May 26, The New York Review of Books published an open letter signed by a group of successful artists and writers — including Junot Díaz and Edwidge Danticat — stating that Cuban artist Luís [...]

US Trying To Extradite Diplomat For The ‘Crime’ Of Securing Food For The Hungry

By Roger Harris, Popular Resistance. -

Special envoy and ambassador to the African Union for Venezuela, Alex Saab, was on a humanitarian mission flying from Caracas to Iran to procure food and gasoline for the Venezuelan CLAP food [...]

US, UK, EU Barbaric Sanctions Are Killing Syrians

By Vanessa Beeley, The Wall Will Fall. -

In order to review the sanctions against Syria, we must see these sadistic, punitive measures in greater context. We must review US UK and EU neocolonialist foreign policy which invariably leads [...]