The Revolutionary Act Of Telling The Truth

By John Pilger, -

By John PIlger - Real dissent has become exotic; yet those who dissent have never been more important. The book I am launching tonight, 'The WikiLeaks Files', is an antidote to a fascism that [...]

Accused WikiLeaks Courier Tortured, Extradited

Matt DeHart is a 30-year-old former US National Guard drone team member and alleged WikiLeaks courier who worked with the hactivist group Anonymous. He has been deported/extradited from Canada to [...]

Defending Our ‘Right To Know’ With Courage

Yesterday in Berlin, a new international organization was announced whose purpose is to (1) defend whistleblowers when they are facing prosecution; and (2) defend the public’s right to know. In a [...]

WikiLeaks: Defeating The Conspiracy Of Governance

Three years after WikiLeaks came to public prominence, where are we with the equation in Assange’s Conspiracy as Governance? Has it been tested and its solution enacted? As leaked documents [...]

Julian Assange Calls On Hackers To Unite Against NSA Surveillance

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange addressed a major gathering of computer experts Monday at the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, Germany, calling on them to join forces in resisting [...]

Wikileaks Sarah Harrison Wanted By UK and US Authorities

By Sarah Oliver, -

Harrison, 31, is the public school girl from the Home Counties who led American National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden to Moscow after he revealed the most extraordinary cache of [...]

Sarah Harrison Contagious Courage

By John Goetz and Bastian Obermayer, -

Sarah Harrison closes her eyes. She’ll talk, but on the topic of Snowden and his situation in Moscow, she won’t say anything more than what was released in a statement made by Wikileaks on [...]