Another Saudi Coalition Massacre In Yemen

By Daniel Larison, Eunomia. -

A Saudi coalition airstrike on a prison killed at least 60 people and wounded at least 100 more in northern Yemen as part of the coalition’s reprisal attacks after the Houthis claimed drone and [...]

How Britain Aids Saudi Massacres In Yemen

By Lowkey, Mintpress News. -

A small English village is hardly the first place that comes to mind when mentioning the war in Yemen. Yet Warton in the northwest of England is playing an oversized role in what the United [...]

US Takes A U-Turn, Approves $650 Million Weapons Sales To Saudi Arabia

By Peoples Dispatch. -

In an about-turn from its stated policy, the Joe Biden administration on Thursday, November 4, approved USD 650 million worth of weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. The deal marks the first major arms [...]

Being A Child In Yemen Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. -

In March 2015, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – along with other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) – began to bomb Yemen. These countries entered a conflict that had been [...]

Lebanon Rocked By Violence As Fascist Militia Guns-Down Protesters

By Rania Khalek, BreakThrough News. -

Unarmed protesters affiliated with Hezbollah and Amal were gunned down by the Saudi-backed Lebanese Forces militia in Beirut on Thursday, October 14, provoking a sectarian gun battle that risked [...]

A 9/11 Excerpt From ‘The Management Of Savagery’

By Max Blumenthal, The Grayzone. -

Two hours’ drive from Kandahar, in the southern Afghan desert city where the Taliban were born and where Osama bin Laden maintained his operational base, a February 2001 wedding ceremony became [...]

FBI Report Reveals New Connections Between 9/11 Hijackers And Saudi Officials

By Tim Golden And Sebastian Rotella, Propublica. -

The 2016 report was released late Saturday night under an executive order from President Joe Biden, who promised to make it public no later than the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks that [...]

Canada Violating International Law By Selling Arms To Saudis

Canada’s ongoing arms sales to Saudi Arabia is being slammed as illegal under our UN commitments by Amnesty International and Project Ploughshares. And the international community is taking [...]

Saudis And US Double Cost Of Yemen’s Staple Goods

By Ahmed Abdulkareem, Mintpress News. -

Aden, Yemen - “The prices are skyrocketing. We can’t feed our children. They are starving,” Saher Abdu Salem, a government employee and a mother of five, said as she participated in a protest in [...]

Release Details Of Saudi Involvement Or Stay Away From Memorials

By Julia Conley, Common Dreams. -

Nearly 1,800 family members, survivors, and first responders who were affected by the September 11 attacks are intensifying pressure on the federal government to declassify information that [...]

How To Make A Gulf Monarchy All-American

By Ben Freeman, Brian Steiner and Leila Riazi, Tom Dispatch. -

Princess Reema bint Bandar Al-Saud, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S., was on the hot seat. In early March 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, oil prices collapsed and a price war [...]

World’s Worst Humanitarian Disaster Triggered By Weapons From US And UK

By Thalif Deen, Inter Press News. -

United Nations - The United Nations has rightly described the deaths and devastation in war-ravaged Yemen as the “world’s worst humanitarian disaster”— caused mostly by widespread air attacks on [...]

Canadian Protestors Call For An End To Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia

By Staff, -

Rachel Small, Canada organizer for World BEYOND War, says the use by Saudi troops of Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs) manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems in London, Ontario has been [...]

Joe Biden Is Following A Blueprint for Forever War

By Danny Sjursen, In These Times. -

Last week, the U.S. military bombed a site near al-Hurri, along the Iraqi border inside Syria, where Iranian-backed Iraqi militias were allegedly stationed. Although the U.S. launched its [...]

Evaluating Biden’s Yemen Policy: Bait And Switch

By Sara Flounders, -

President Joe Biden seemed to announce an end to Washington’s complete support for Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen last week, reversing Trump’s and even the Obama/Biden administration’s public [...]