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Capitalism And Baby Formula

“Socialism doesn’t work” is repeated like a mantra. We’re told endlessly that capitalism provides jobs, housing, food, and health care in this country when it does a very bad job of doing all these things. The United States is said to be “the richest country in the world,” a strange statement which implies that the people are prosperous even though they aren’t. Gig work, housing insecurity, medical debt, and student loan debt are all common experiences for people in the U.S. Now, to add insult to injury, the system said to be so superior can’t even keep little babies fed. There is an historic shortage of baby formula. There are parts of the country where food for infants simply can’t be found at any price. This headline is the most honest about the situation.

Enough: Beyond The Myth Of Lack

What if one single word could "flip the paradigm," unleashing the power to create enough for ourselves, enough for our communities and enough for the planet? And what if it wasn't a trick or a gimmick, but a universal truth written into the very design of the cosmos ? Enough: Beyond the Myth of Lack shares a startlingly simple yet profoundly transformative secret: changing our orientation to the word ENOUGH could be the key to unlocking the sleeping consciousness andto birthing a new planetary story. Traditional approaches to transformation either focus on our inner selves - our spirituality or beliefs, or on the outer world - on activism or innovation. When we work hard on ourselves, but encounter a culture that neither supports nor reflects our evolving wisdom, we must put tremendous energy into standing our ground.
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