Chile: No More Murders, Torture, or Sexual Violence Against Protesters

By Staff, SOA Watch -

SOA Watch reiterates our deep condemnation of the brutal state violence and systematic human rights violations - murders, sexual violence, torture, and serious injuries - that the Chilean [...]

SOA Watch Actions: Resist Empire, Create Peace

By Maria Luisa for School of the Americas Watch. Fort Benning, GA - Join us this November 20-22, on the 25th anniversary of our movement, to connect with activists and organizers from across the [...]

SOA Watch Spring Action: Growing Stronger Together

By SOA Watch, -

School of the Americas Watch is mobilizing this April for our Spring Days of Action (SDOA). Our 2015 SDOA theme is "Growing Stronger Together - Resisting the 'Drug War' Across the Americas". [...]

Remembering: UN International Day, Victims of Enforced Disappearances

By Maria Luisa Rosal, -

On this day we remember those who were captured by armed and security forces, and who were taken and never heard from again. The systematic practice of enforced disappearances was installed [...]

Denial Of 1st Amendment Rights Won’t Halt Nonviolent Resistance

By Hendrick Voss, -

Thousands of human rights activists have gathered every November for the demonstration since the first anniversary of the 1989 SOA graduate-led massacre of 16-year-old Celina Ramos, her mother [...]