Teachers Union Urges Parents To Boycott School Reopening

By Jaisal Noor, The Real News. -

When Baltimore City Schools announced last week that 25 schools will reopen next month to increase in-person instruction for high need students, officials promised it could be done safely and [...]

What Does A “Safe Return” To School Look Like?

By Lois Weiner and Jackson Potter, In These Times. -

Demands for stu­dents and edu­ca­tors to return to in-per­son school­ing dur­ing the pan­dem­ic are com­ing from Democ­rats and Repub­li­cans, both claim­ing the return is nec­es­sary not just to [...]

Schools Reopen — And Teachers Fight For Their Lives…

By Sarah Jaffe, Rethinking Schools. -

As schools begin to reopen, within teacher unions around the country, teachers have been coming together to discuss the risks they’re willing to take — both to protect public health in the short [...]

Teachers Organize As COVID-19 Outbreaks At Schools Concealed

By Evan Blake, WSWS. -

Using the fraudulent pretext of “protecting medical privacy,” a growing number of states and school districts across the United States are deliberately concealing information from the public on [...]

Disastrous US School Openings Lead To 2,500 Infections Across 44 States

By Evan Blake, WSWS. -

Within weeks, the reopening of schools across the United States has already become a complete catastrophe. Outside of the mobilization of educators, parents and the broader working class to halt [...]

New York Teachers Union To Strike Against School Reopening

By Telesur English. -

Despite Donald Trump's administration pressure for schools reopening, several states and institutions postponed the resume of learning activities or issued not-in-person strategies due to new [...]

Detroit Teachers Vote Overwhelmingly To Authorize Safety Strike

By Detroit Federation of Teachers. -

During an emergency special meeting Wednesday, members of the Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT) voted to authorize a potential safety strike aimed at pressing the Detroit Public Schools [...]

School Cancelled In Arizona Area After ‘Sick Out’ Over Reopening

By Andrew Hay, Reuters. -

An Arizona school district that ignored state safety guidelines and voted to begin in-person learning on Aug. 17 has had to cancel classes after staff said it was unsafe to return and called in [...]

Reopening Schools: We Don’t Have To Descend Into COVID Hell

By Steve Miller, Rosemary Lee and E.B. Shaw, HamptonThink.org. -

With Corona virus cases spiking across the country, America is on the verge of forcing millions of people into extreme danger. Suddenly, everyone from CEOs, the President, state governors, and [...]

School Bus Drivers Lead Protest To Safely Reopen Los Angeles Schools

By Omar Younis, Reuters. -

School bus drivers from the second largest school district in the United States led a noisy protest caravan through downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, demanding federal and state funding to help [...]

Utah Teachers Oppose Schools Reopening

By Alyssa Faith and Summer Autumn, Worker's World. -

School districts across Utah are planning to open with in-person classes for the start of the new school year, despite the state having twice the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus as they [...]

School Bus Drivers: ‘No Reopening Without Safety First!’

By USWA Local 8751, Workers.org. -

Boston school bus drivers say, “No school reopening without Union-planned and -designed health and safety procedures!” Teachers, nurses, bus drivers and monitors, custodians, [...]