Newsletter – The People’s Plan For Transformation

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. It is important to understand that we arrived in this situation by, what Moyers described as "careful long-range planning and implementation…consistency of [...]

The March For Science On Earth Day, Explained

By Brian Resnick, -

By Brian Resnick for Vox - At the very least, the Science March will be a celebration of the scientific method and its ability to inform policy. With Trump in the Oval Office, scientists have [...]

Drug Policy Researchers And Allies Join National March For Science

By Jules Netherland and Sheila Vakharia, -

By Jules Netherland and Sheila Vakharia for AlterNet - American drug policies have a problem—they’ve been driven by fear rather than facts for over a century. Although there had been notable [...]

To March For Science, DC And Satellite Marches Across The Nation And The World

By Staff, -

By Staff of Let Our Indigenous Voices Be Heard - As original peoples, we have long memories, centuries old wisdom and deep knowledge of this land and the importance of empirical, scientific [...]

Should Scientists Engage In Activism?

By Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus, -

By Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus for The Conversation. Have you heard that scientists are planning a march on Washington? The move is not being billed as a protest, but rather as a “celebration of [...]

Marches For Science, On One Global Interactive Map

By Lindzi Wessel, -

By Lindzi Wessel for Science. It was a tweet that brought them together. “Hell hath no fury like a scientist silenced,” Caroline Weinberg, a public health educator and science writer in New York [...]