SCOTUS Upholds Oklahoma’s McGirt Decision: Governor And Big Oil Lose

By Last Real Indians. -

On Monday, November 29, anti-Indigenous Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt’s futile attempts to undermine and destroy tribal sovereignty through legal avenues ended for good when the US Supreme Court [...]

Roe V. Wade In Grave Danger

By Jake Johnson, Common Dreams. -

A draconian Texas law banning abortions beyond around six weeks of pregnancy took effect at midnight after the conservative U.S. Supreme Court did not act to block it on Tuesday, a decision that [...]

Supreme Court Mercury Decision Threatens Public Health

By Mary Anne Hitt, -

By Mary Anne Hitt in Sierra Club - Today's ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court to send the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard (MATS) back to the EPA for further proceedings is a decision that endangers [...]

Reprieve In Texas, Assault On Reproductive Rights Continues

By John Queally, -

By John Queally in Common Dreams - Advocates for reproductive rights welcomed the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday which put a block on a Texas law that would have shuttered nearly [...]

Historic Gay Pride Parades Follow Supreme Court Ruling

By Janie Har, -

Hundreds of thousands of people on Sunday packed gay pride events from Chicago to New York City, Seattle to San Francisco, with overall attendance expected in the millions for what amounted to a [...]

Court Ruling On Marriage Equality Shocking, Especially To US LGBT

By Glenn Greenwald, -

By Glenn Greenwald in The Intercept - In the 1970s — just 40 years ago — the existence of gay people was all but unmentionable, particularly outside of small enclaves in New York, Los Angeles and [...]

Why I Disrupted SCOTUS, Risked 150 Day Imprisonment

By Curt Ries, -

As I sat quietly in the back corner of the lofty courtroom, attempting to casually observe the ornate sculptures that rimmed the chamber's high ceilings, I fingered the little scrap of yellow [...]

Supreme Court Has Become The Corporate Court, Not For People

By Joan Biskupic, Janet Roberts and John Shiffman, -

A Reuters examination of nine years of cases shows that 66 of the 17,000 lawyers who petitioned the Supreme Court succeeded at getting their clients’ appeals heard at a remarkable rate. Their [...]

US Supreme Court And Tyranny Of The Minority

By Greg Coleridge, -

By contrast, the Court has been repeatedly guilty itself of being a tyrant of the minority (as in nine unelected judges reversing laws and regulations) and a tyrant for the minority (as in [...]

Victory for Marriage Equality: Supreme Court Refuses Cases

By Suzanne B. Goldberg, -

Amazement mixed with anxiety and cautious optimism. That’s how I felt nearly twenty years ago when the U.S. Supreme Court granted cert. in Romer v. Evans, a case in which I was co-counsel for [...]

How Supreme Court Made U.S. Government Illegitimate

Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, in McCutcheon V. FEC, the court struck down a limit on how much cash an individual could give to all federal candidates during an election [...]