Are We Really Past The Point Of No Return On Climate?

By Olivia Rosane, Ecowatch. -

A controversial new climate study has found that, even if greenhouse gas emissions were halted tomorrow, it might not be enough to stop temperatures from continuing to rise. The study, [...]

Iceland Holds Funeral For Glacier Destroyed By Climate Change

By Ruby Anderson, -

To put things into perspective, if the Antarctic ice sheet melted, it would raise global sea levels by around 200 feet. We’ve already seen a noticeable loss of mass on the west end of the [...]

The Great Flood

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig. -

How many times will we rebuild Florida’s cities, Houston, coastal New Jersey, New Orleans and other population centers ravaged by storms lethally intensified by global warming? At what point, [...]

U.S. Costal Communities Face More Than $400 Billion In Seawall Costs By 2040

By Staff, -

20 June 2019– Coastal communities in the contiguous U.S. face more than $400 billion in costs over the next 20 years, much of it sooner, to defend coastal communities from inevitable sea-level [...]

Addressing Sea Level Rise Through Citizen Science

By Casey O'Brien, -

Coastal communities across the United States are experiencing tangible impacts of climate change as sea level rise worsens. “Sunny day flooding”and  “king tides” range from annoyance to serious [...]

Antarctica Ice Loss Tripled in 5 Years, And That’s Raising Sea Level Risks

By Bob Berwyn, -

The most complete assessment to date of Antarctica's ice sheets confirms that the meltdown accelerated sharply in the past five years, and there is no sign of a slowdown. That means sea level is [...]

Sea Level Rise Is Creeping Into Coastal Cities.

By Nicholas Kusnetz, -

To get a sense of how much it will cost the nation to save itself from rising seas over the next 50 years, consider Norfolk, Virginia. In November, the Army Corps released a proposal for [...]

Louisiana Faces Faster Sea-Level Rise Than Any Land On Earth

By Lorraine Chow, -

By Lorraine Chow for Eco Watch - These dire predictions were pulled from a new rewrite of the state's Coastal Master Plan for 2017 released Tuesday by the Louisiana Coastal Protection and [...]

Video: Trump Dumps NASA, ‘Reforms’ EPA

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

By Eleanor Goldfield for ActOut! Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Trump thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax. So in light of recent reports from NASA climate scientists, which [...]

Study Reveals Stunning Acceleration Of Sea Level Rise

By John Upton, -

By John Upton for Climate Central - The oceans have heaved up and down as world temperatures have waxed and waned, but as new research tracking the past 2,800 years shows, never during that time [...]

Too Late To Save Over 400 Cities From Rising Seas

By Reynard Loki, -

By Reynard Loki for Alternet - An alarming new study has found that, no matter what we do to fight climate change, it is already too late for more than 400 U.S. cities — including Miami and New [...]

W. Post Should Tell Readers Of Conflicts Of Interest

By Staff, -

hy would you ignore all the negative consequences of rapidly changing the Earth’s climate, and insist that instead of doing anything about it, we ought to meet a vague list of other problems with [...]