Powerful Government Policy Segregated Us

By Richard Rothstein, Economic Policy Institute. -

I am the author of a book, The Color of Law, that disproves the myth of de facto segregation. In truth, we are residentially segregated, not naturally or from private bigotry, but primarily by [...]

One Of The Wealthiest States Might Pass An Opportunity To Tackle Housing Segregation

By Jacqueline Rabe Thomas, The Connecticut Mirror. -

Despite its liberal reputation — and Democrats controlling the legislature for the last 23 years and the governor’s mansion for nine — Connecticut is one of the most segregated places in the [...]

How Wealthy Towns Keep People With Housing Vouchers Out

By Jacqueline Rabe Thomas, Propublica.org -

HARTFORD, Conn. — On a sweltering Saturday afternoon last June, Crystal Carter took a deep breath as she walked toward the red “for rent” sign. Shaded by tall oak trees, the three-story duplex [...]

NYC Students Strike To Demand Racial Equity In Nation’s Largest—And Most Segregated—School District

By Julia Conley, Commondreams.org -

For the second consecutive week, students in New York City went on strike Monday morning to protest persistent segregation in their schools more than six decades after the U.S. Supreme Court [...]

In Baltimore, Money Still Follows The Segregation Map

By Chase Hoffberger, Baltimorebrew.com -

New study shows the differences in economic activity—and access to opportunity—between neighborhoods new analysis of investment patterns in Baltimore shows the degree to which decades-old housing [...]

America Has Desegregated In Name Only

By Paul Street, Truthdig.com -

It’s a little-acknowledged reality that housing markets distribute more than mere dwellings. That’s because people’s place in the social order is intimately related to their geographic location [...]

Fracking Boom Takes Toll On Pennsylvania’s Communities Of Color And Lower-Income Areas

By Mark Hand, Thinkprogress.org -

The construction of new natural gas-fired power plants in Pennsylvania is disproportionately harming lower-income populations in rural parts of the state, while communities of color are [...]

If This Happened In Alabama There Would Be Uproar: In Israel, It’s The Norm

By Jonathan Cook, Blackagendareport.com -

How would you describe a white town in a southern state in the United States that froze the tender for plots of land in a new neighborhood because it risked allowing blacks to move in? As racist? [...]

US Education Segregation Is Highly Profitable Business For Some

By Mark Karlin, truth-out.org -

By Mark Karlin for Truthout - However, as I completed the research and writing for the book, I found that in this country we have had and continue to have a stubborn insistence on educating [...]

Want To See How School Choice Leads To Segregation? Visit Betsy DeVos’ Hometown

By Jennifer Berkshire, www.alternet.org -

By Jennifer Berkshire for Alternet - Here, two decades of the policies that the Trump/DeVos education budget now wants to take national, have resulted in white flight and school closures, leaving [...]

School Choice Is A Scam In Segregated Neighborhoods

By Jitu Brown, www.chicagoreporter.com -

By Jitu Brown for The Chicago Reporter - Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos seems not to hear the fierce protests of parents, teachers and school officials over school closings and charter [...]

Racial Segregation Still At Heart Of Chicago’s Ills…And America’s Too

By Natalie Y Moore, www.theguardian.com/ -

By Natalie Y Moore for The Guardian - In a couple of days, President Barack Obama will give a farewell speech in his adopted hometown of Chicago. This is the city to which he moved as a young man [...]

At 15 She Desegregated A High School, At 73 She Is Doing It Again

By Rebecca Klein, www.huffingtonpost.com -

By Rebecca Klein for The Huffington Post - When Dorothy Counts-Scoggins showed up for her first day of high school almost 60 years ago, she didn't even make it into the building before she was [...]

Suburban Sprawl Causes Segregation & Isolates The Poor

By Ben Adler, www.grist.org -

By Ben Adler for Grist - Forty-seven years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act, you might think that these problems are gradually disappearing. You would be wrong. “Architecture of [...]

Banks & Racist Policies Shaped Segregation, Police Brutality

By Richard Rothstein, www.salon.com -

By Richard Rothstein in Salon - Housing equity is Americans’ most important source of wealth. Average black family income is now about 60 percent of white family income, but black household [...]