SEIU Should Actually Strike For Black Lives

By Mike Pappas, Left Voice. -

We want to fight. Workers throughout the country have been involved in the movements on the streets for weeks. In our unions, we have marched as contingents from coast to coast and in pretty much [...]

How SEIU’s Self-Inflicted Loss Became Labor’s Gain

By Steve Early, -

SEIU headquarters in Washington dispatched hundreds of national union staffers from around the country to seize control of Oakland-based United Healthcare Workers (UHW). Among them was current [...]

Labor’s Real Innovators Will Come From The Ranks, Not The Corporate World

By Chris Brookse, -

“Put your faith in the rank and file” was the advice that famed longshore union organizer Harry Bridges used to give. But instead of turning to union members for the bold ideas we need, some [...]

LABOR SEIU Retires Its Safety And Health Program

By Jordan Barab, -

Unfortunately, SEIU is not alone. Last year, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) also dissolved its health and safety department when long-time director Darryl Alexander retired. A [...]

Purple Bullying, Ten Years Later: SEIU Trustees Trample Membership Rights

By Steve Early, -

In Chicago this coming weekend, 2,500 rank-and-file activists, from the U.S. and abroad, will be meeting under the banner of Labor Notes to celebrate the revival of union militancy, including [...]

Radical Labor: Aligning Unions With The Streets

By Gino Canella, -

Since the 1970s organized labor in the United States has seen a steep decline in its membership and political influence due to capital flight, “right to work” laws in southern states, automation [...]

Newsletter: Labor Day Time To Build Worker Power

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. Private-sector workers who are members of a union have fallen from 1 in 3 workers in the 1950s to about 1 in 20 today. Politics is [...]

Labor’s Neoliberal Caucus: Work With Corporations, Don’t Fight Them

By Warren Heyman & Andrew Tillett-Saks, -

By Warren Heyman & Andrew Tillett-Saks for Jacobin. Democrats have historically been the grudging partners of the labor movement, the more willing of the two major political parties to make [...]

Fight For $15 Organizers Tell SEIU: We Need $15 And A Union

By David Moberg, -

By David Moberg for In These Times - The start to this weekend’s Fight for $15 convention didn’t go as planned. As roughly 10,000 conference goers gathered in Richmond, Va., to talk about unions [...]

Justice For Janitors: A Misunderstood Success

By Peter Olney And Rand Wilson, -

The early janitor organizers in Los Angeles recognized the importance of first rebuilding and re-energizing their base. One of the first campaigns undertaken was the contract campaign for [...]

NY Airport Workers Strike, ‘Poverty Wages Don’t Fly’

By Matt Surrusco, -

The people who may have handled your baggage or helped you or a family member who uses a wheelchair navigate through the airport, or perhaps on or off a plane, continued their call for higher [...]

Immigrants Accuse SEIU Of Using Marshalls & Police Against Immigration Activists

By Staff, -

Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) used marshals and police to assault participants in the Mayday March. Marshals [...]