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Self Care

Protesters Use ‘Midnight Yoga’ To Cope With Police Violence

Saturday night marked another session of “Midnight Yoga” on Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington D.C. The protesters, who have been out in the streets over 50 days after being initially sparked by the failure to arrest the officers who had murdered George Floyd and Breonna Taylor (still), have turned to the peace that yoga provides to manage their pain, both physical and emotional. Around the same time federal police were turning Portland into a war zone while violently beating and pepper-spraying citizens, D.C. protesters were stretching out their limbs after giving a touching 100 candle-light tribute to late Congressman John Lewis.

Radical Self Care: Six Ways Activism Is Good For You

By Victoria Albina and Jules Netherland for Drug Policy Alliance - Seemingly everyday we wake to some new terrifying and dispiriting news from the Trump Administration. It’s almost too much to bear and yet, we must not only bear it, but continue to resist it and all the other politics of hate. Since the election of Donald Trump and the mobilization of millions of activists (new and seasoned), much has been written about self-care for activists, and with good reason. Less than a year into this new political reality, the refrains of “I’m burnt out,” “I’m overwhelmed,” “I just can’t face it,” grow ever louder. Indeed, it’s a lot to endure, especially for those living on the margins and/or directly in the line of fire of Trump and the GOP’s policies of meanness and hate. Self-care is absolutely vital to our ability to resist over the long run. If we do not take excellent care of ourselves and our communities, none of us will be able to sustain the fierce activism and organizing that is essential to withstand four years of the Trump presidency, not to mention the years of devastation that are likely to follow. And we aren't talking about the expensive, “spa day” kind of self-care or that aimed at making people feel better or learn to tolerate structural and systemic oppression and injustice. We believe in radical self-care that transforms individuals and communities so that they can bring their best to the fight for freedom.

Strengthening Our Spirits To Resist And Thrive In These Times

By Staff of Finding Steady Ground - To be in shape for the long haul, we have to get our minds and spirits ready, as well as jump into action. When we’re in bad shape, our power is diminished — we’re less creative, more reactive, and less able to plan strategically. If we intend to stay active and effective in the world, we have a responsibility to tend to our spirits. Here are 7 behaviors we can use right away to strengthen ourselves, so we can keep taking more and more powerful and strategic actions.
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