Victory: Heavily Protested Seneca Lake Gas Project Abandoned

By Sandra Steingraber, -

By Sandra Steingraber for Eco Watch - The news broke Wednesday in the most banal of venues: the biweekly environmental compliance report submitted by Arlington Storage Company to the Federal [...]

Conviction Of Local Grape Grower Reveals Inconsistent Standards

By We Are Seneca Lake, -

By Stephanie Redmond of We Are Seneca Lake. Reading, NY - Phil Davis received a guilty verdict on Friday, Nov. 18, and was sentenced to ten hours of community service and a $125 NYS surcharge. [...]

When Protest Becomes Sacrament: Grady Sisters Heed A Higher Call

By Nicholas Kusnetz, -

By Nicholas Kusnetz for Inside Climate News - On a warm May morning, two dozen people wearing blue shirts formed a neat line in front of the gates of a natural gas compressor station in central [...]

53 Arrested Protesting Gas Storage Near Seneca Lake

By Sandra Steingraber, -

By Sandra Steingraber for Eco Watch - "We are ALL Seneca Lake" was the message delivered this morning by prominent environmental leaders Wes Gillingham, program director of Catskill [...]

57 Arrested In Campaign Against Proposed Gas Storage At Seneca Lake

By Sandra Steingraber, -

By Sandra Steingraber for Eco Watch - The fight over the fate of the Finger Lakes received national attention today when best-selling author, environmentalist and founder of, Bill [...]

US Vets Lead Civil Disobedience Protesting Seneca Lake Gas Storage

By Dan, -

By Dan for We Are Seneca Falls - Watkins Glen, NY – Eleven veterans representing all branches of the U.S. armed forces, were among 13 arrested on Tuesday morning in a human blockade at Crestwood [...]

28 Arrested Saying: ‘Pope Francis, We Hear You’

By Sandra Steingraber, -

By Sandra Steingraber for EcoWatch - Just two weeks before Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S., where he is expected to call for urgent action to protect the world’s environment, 28 people, led by [...]

Sixteen Mothers Arrested In Blockade At Crestwood Midstream

By We Are Seneca Lake, -

In an act of civil disobedience, sixteen women from six Finger Lakes-area counties—including one who is pregnant—created a human blockade this morning at both of the gated entrances of Crestwood [...]

Charges Won’t Be Dropped For 84 Crestwood Protesters

By Ray Finger, -

The Schuyler County district attorney has decided not to dismiss trespass charges against 84 protestors arrested at the gates of Crestwood Midstream Partners, We Are Seneca Lake said [...]

The Seneca Lake Dismissals: Justice Half Served

By Faith Meckley, -

We only have this planet. We must safeguard it for those who follow. Would that it not be necessary, but sometimes citizens of good conscience must engage in non-violent acts of civil [...]

Historic Victory For Seneca Lake Mass Dismissal Of Charges

By Staff, -

In three speedy hearings on Wednesday night in the Town of Reading court, Judge Raymond Berry granted a motion to dismiss all charges “in the interests of justice” brought by 42 Seneca Lake [...]

The Speech I Gave To FERC From Baggage Claim Area 3

By Sandra Steingraber, -

We’re very fortunate to have abundant and relatively affordable domestic natural gas … But utilizing that gas to meet climate goals require the expansion and construction of gas infrastructure, [...]

Newsletter: Transforming Fundamental Power Inequities

Most of the Popular Resistance team is in Cove Point, Maryland right now. Almost all are very likely to go to jail for several weeks after Monday's hearing for our efforts to stop the Dominion [...]

Seneca Lake Sentencing . . . Postponed Again

By Faith Meckley, -

On Dec. 3 of last year, a tall 24-year-old Cornell University graduate with wild, curly blond hair was called up to the bench of Judge Raymond Berry in the Town of Reading. Kelsey Erickson was [...]

Dispatches From The Seneca Lake Uprising

By Sandra Steingraber, -

There are no guidebooks for how to carry out a sustained civil disobedience campaign during winter—let alone one that involves human blockades that intercept trucks attempting to enter a [...]

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