The Danger We’re Facing: A Grocery Worker Speaks Out

By Chris Brooks, -

The coronavirus crisis is spurring record-breaking sales for grocery store chains, straining supply chains and exhausting employees. While many businesses are having employees work from home [...]

Labor Took On “Bad Bosses” Long Before #MeToo

By Kim Kelly, -

“Will There Ever Be a #MeToo-Style Movement for Bad Bosses?” New York magazine asked readers in a tone-deaf fog of obliviousness last month. The piece itself was fairly benign, addressing the [...]

Communication Workers Union Stop Off-Shoring Of Call Center Jobs

By Staff, -

This week, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed the Monitoring Colorado Call Center Job Losses Act, HB19-1306, into law. The bill will require the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to [...]

Hotel Workers Strike In 10 Cities

By Martha Grevatt, -

In eight U.S. cities and two in Canada, hotel workers are waging a militant strike against the Marriott hotel chain. Though Marriott is the largest and most profitable hotel chain in the world, [...]

Chicago Hotel Workers Strike Over Healthcare

Tina Graham has worked for Chicago hotels for 11 years, and in the beginning, she faced a predicament every winter: As the tourism industry’s slow season approached she lost her health insurance, [...]

Thousands Of Chicago Workers Are Out On The First Citywide Hotel Strike In Over A Century

By Jeff Schuhrke, -

In one of the city’s largest work stoppages in years, thousands of unionized hotel workers across downtown Chicago are on strike to win a new contract. Since Sept. 7, over 6,000 housekeepers, [...]

Dairy Queen Tells Racist Franchisee His Store Is Closed Forever

By Clint Rainey, -

By Clint Rainey for Grub Street - Despite him using the word “freely to describe black people,” police told Ford it wasn’t a criminal act, so there wasn’t much they could do. Ford took to [...]