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Recent Settler Violence In The West Bank, Explained

Violent Israeli settler attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank have skyrocketed ever since October 7. Before that, 2022 and 2023 were already setting record highs in settler violence, but the nature of settler attacks today is on an entirely different level. Settlers are now expelling entire Palestinian communities from their villages for the first time in decades. According to the UN, Israeli settlers expelled about 1,200 Palestinians from some 25 rural communities across the West Bank, including seven communities that have been completely depopulated.

Illegal Settlers’ Reign Of Terror In The West Bank

It is the same story in every village in the South Hebron Hills. Israeli settlers are seizing livestock, wrecking water tanks, smashing solar panels, bulldozing outbuildings and destroying the olive groves upon which Palestinian farmers depend for their livelihood. They arrive unannounced armed with M16 machine guns which they are more than happy to use. They beat up villagers with iron bars, with sticks, with fists, with the butts of their guns. They assault women and the elderly. They enter Palestinian houses ripping out fixtures and fittings, stealing money, destroying papers, overturning furniture.

Settler State Repression: Standing Rock Battles Continue In The Courts

By Dahr Jamail for Truthout - As a means of making bombing, sanctioning or invading other countries palatable to the general population, the US government has consistently used the actions of other governments against their own people as an excuse. Those actions have included the use of chemical weapons, torture, setting dogs against people, beatings, surveillance, forcibly removing people from their land, jailing them unjustly, holding staged trials, and issuing verbal and physical threats, among many others. Yet, these same actions have been carried out by the US government, state governments and private security forces working on behalf of a private pipeline company (with the full backing of the US government) against Native people at Standing Rock. This story is not new. "The settler state arrives as an armed white man intent on staying," said Nick Estes, who is Kul Wicasa from the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe and is a doctoral candidate in American Studies at the University of New Mexico, in an interview with Truthout.

Portrait Of An Occupation: The Human Rights Of The Settler

By Neve Gordon and Nicola Perugini for AL Jazeera - Just a few weeks after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that he cares about the rights and lives of Palestinians in Gaza more than the Palestinian leadership does, he posted a new video message on his Facebook wall, arguing that any future dismantlement of Jewish settlements in the West Bank would amount to “ethnic cleansing.” He went on to intimate that insofar as the U.S. and other western countries support the uprooting of Israeli settlements as part of an agreement with the Palestinians, they were, in effect, supporting the cleansing of Jews.

Canada’s New Settler Solidarity Movement

When Jana-Rae Yerxa and Damien Lee organized the first #SettlersinSolidarity teach-in in Thunder Bay this June, they expected the lightly advertised event to draw a handful of attendees. To their surprise, they found themselves in front of a roomful of more than 40 participants. "You could tell that people were just hungry to have a different conversation about racism," says Yerxa, who is Anishinaabe from the Couchiching First Nation. What Yerxa and Lee thought would be a modest beginning has developed into a loose network of non-Indigenous Thunder Bay residents coming together to educate themselves in the wake of several months of heightened racist commentary in mainstream and social media. In Thunder Bay, Vancouver and other locations, non-Indigenous Canadians are meeting together in growing numbers to explore what it means -- and doesn't mean -- to stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples within Canada.
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