Advocates Will Mobilize To #ReclaimTheCourt On Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Anniversary

By Ally Boguhn, -

Exactly one year after Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in on the U.S. Supreme Court, the Women’s March, Demand Justice, and the Center for Popular Democracy Action plan to mobilize women, survivors, [...]

Women Protest Raping Spree By Burning Police Station In Mexico

By Johnny Hazard, -

About two thousand people, mostly young women (many of whom identify themselves as anarcofeministas), marched and rampaged through the Zona Rosa area of Mexico City on Friday, August 16. This was [...]

Blueprint For Sexual And Reproductive Health, Rights, And Justice

By Staff, -

As advocates for gender equity and advancing reproductive health, rights, and justice, we know that our reproductive and sexual autonomy are at the core of some of the most important decisions [...]

America’s Dirty Little Secret: Sex Trafficking Of Young Girls

By John Whitehead, -

Opinion — They’re called the Little Barbies. Children, young girls—some as young as 9 years old—are being bought and sold for sex in America. The average age for a young woman being sold for sex [...]

Not In My Name: Academics Publicly Attacking Un Torture Rapporteur

By Staff, -

I am a survivor of rape, gang rape and the abusive police process I was subjected to when I reported it and I am fed up with watching sexual violence being used as a cover for political attacks [...]

Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group Where Agents Joke About Migrant Deaths And Post Sexist Memes

By A. C. Thompson, Pro Publica. -

Members of a secret Facebook group for current and former Border Patrol agents joked about the deaths of migrants, discussed throwing burritos at Latino members of Congress visiting a detention [...]

‘Value’ Of Unpaid Work By Women

By Sheshu Babu, -

In an article ( Women’s unpaid work:some statistics, 7 March 2000,, compiled by Global Women’s Strike campaign, ‘….. unwaged work contributes as much as £ 739 bn to the British [...]

Canada Has A Long History Of Ignoring Reports Like That Of The MMIWG Inquiry

By Karl Nerenberg, -

The hullabaloo over the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (MMIWG) inquiry's use of the word genocide has obscured its broader message, and that is more than a pity. It is a tragedy. [...]

A (Real) Strike To Fight For Abortion Rights

By Tatiana Cozzarelli, Ezra Brain and Olivia Wood, -

In recent weeks, several states have passed incredibly restrictive laws against abortion. The specifics of these laws vary, but the end result is the same: abortion is becoming illegal again. In [...]

The Escalating War On Reproductive Rights

By Tharanga Yakupitiyage, -

(IPS) – Abortion has long been a contentious issue across the world, and the debate is only heating up, prompting women to stand up and speak out for their reproductive rights. In response to [...]

Legal Victory Strengthens LGBT Activists As Threat From Bolsonaro Looms

By Jaimee A. Swift, -

On Thursday, June 13, after months of postponement, Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court officially made homophobia and transphobia –– locally known as “LGBTphobia” –– a crime and outlawed [...]

Trans Rights Are Human Rights

By Sindi-Leigh McBride, -

President Trump’s controversial transgender military policy just came into effect, coinciding, somewhat ironically, with a Russian court ruling in favor of a transgender woman who claimed she was [...]

6(1)a All The Way! Equality For Indigenous Women

By Judy Rebick, -

If you thought that Indigenous women won equal rights to Indigenous men under the Indian Act in 1985 when Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms came into force, you'd be wrong. You [...]

Abortion Providers Fear For Their Safety As Rhetoric Ratchets Up

By Melissa Jeltsen, -

A few weeks ago, Jen Villavicencio, an OB-GYN in Michigan, Googled her name. There, on the results page, was an anti-choice website that identified medical professionals working in the “abortion [...]

Defend Your Clinics

By Christine Pardue, -

It’s time for an abortion rights movement that’s not directed from the top-down by the Democratic Party and big nonprofits. Clinic defense is a crucial part of that mass, democratic, and militant [...]

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