The Feminist Spring And The Patriarchal Counter-Offensive

By Irene León, Digital Magazine Humanidad en Red Translation, Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

One of the most relevant contemporary political events is the positioning of feminism as a transforming force of global scope, achieved both by its contributions to the mobilization of ideas to [...]

When Fear Became Fury: Mexican Women Shake Society

By Arturo Rodriguez, -

Every day, 10 women are murdered on average in Mexico. Yet open violence is only the tip of the iceberg. Mexican women face constant harassment, discrimination and humiliation at home, in the [...]

A Day Without Women: Strikes In Mexico Follow Huge Rallies

By Josue Gonzalez, Frank Jack Daniel, -

The wildcat strike, dubbed “a day without us,” is intended to show what life would be like if women vanished from society. It followed a series of massive protests on Sunday to mark International [...]

Women Confront Ugly Harassment At Beauty Products Plant

By Bianca Cunningham, -

At a lotion factory outside Chicago, workers endured years of sexual harassment, coercion, gender and racial discrimination, and unsafe working conditions. Last year the women at Voyant Beauty [...]

Wage Inequality Continues To Rise As Racial And Gender Disparities Persist

By Staff , -

Wage growth was strongest for the highest-wage workers while median hourly wages grew just 1.0% last year, according to a new EPI report. State of Working America Wages 2019 details the most [...]

Mexican Supreme Court Stormed & Vandalized As Hundreds March Against Femicide

By Staff, -

On Sunday, February 23, hundreds of women marched in the northern Mexican city of Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora, as part of a recent wave of militant women’s protests in Mexico against the [...]

Working To Protect Day And Night

By Staff, -

How did Nonviolent Peaceforce respond when South Sudanese women reported facing assault, harassment and robbery on their way to and from the market at night? Our peacekeepers came up with a [...]

US Soldiers And Contractors Rape 54 Girls In Colombia And Sell The Videos That Show Their Crimes

By Staff, Cubadebate, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

U.S. soldiers and contractors raped at least 54 Colombian girls between 2003 and 2007 in this Latin American country, recorded most of these abuses on video and sold them as pornographic [...]

Women’s March Global: ‘Women’s Rights Are Human Rights!’

By Kathy Durkin, -

The theme of the fourth annual Women’s March Global 2020 was “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights.” On Jan. 18, hundreds of thousands of women and people of all genders marched and rallied in at [...]

Homeless Mothers, Activists Take Over Vacant Oakland House

By Marisa Kendall, -

OAKLAND — Sick of struggling with homelessness under a system they say hasn’t helped them, two Oakland mothers took matters into their own hands Monday — by taking control of a vacant West [...]

Eyewitnesses To The Rojava Revolution: Women Empowerment

By Debbie Bookchin, Emre Şahin, and Marina Sitrin, -

What has been taking place in Rojava is easily one of the most inspiring and exciting experiments in autonomous self-government to ever exist. It is also one of the most massive, and gender [...]

Women-Led Protests In Lebanon Inspire Middle East Feminists

By Staff, -

Women are on the front lines of protests in Lebanon — and they are inspiring feminists in other Arab countries to stand up, too. The masculine ridicule has been relentless, but so has the [...]

RECAP: Sovereignty And Native Women’s Safety At US Capitol

By Acee Agoyo, -

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Braving brutal temperatures and high humidity, Native women rallied at the U.S. Capitol last week to honor survivors of violence and to push for renewal of the Violence [...]

Advocates Will Mobilize To #ReclaimTheCourt On Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Anniversary

By Ally Boguhn, -

Exactly one year after Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in on the U.S. Supreme Court, the Women’s March, Demand Justice, and the Center for Popular Democracy Action plan to mobilize women, survivors, [...]

Women Protest Raping Spree By Burning Police Station In Mexico

By Johnny Hazard, -

About two thousand people, mostly young women (many of whom identify themselves as anarcofeministas), marched and rampaged through the Zona Rosa area of Mexico City on Friday, August 16. This was [...]