Workers File Sexual Harassment Class-Action Lawsuit Against McDonald’s

By Kate Taylor, Business Insider. -

On Monday, Florida McDonald's workers announced they had filed a $500 million class-action lawsuit against McDonald's, alleging the fast-food giant has a "systemic sexual harassment [...]

Labor Took On “Bad Bosses” Long Before #MeToo

By Kim Kelly, -

“Will There Ever Be a #MeToo-Style Movement for Bad Bosses?” New York magazine asked readers in a tone-deaf fog of obliviousness last month. The piece itself was fairly benign, addressing the [...]

McDonald’s Workers Strike Over Widespread Sexual Harassment

By Naomi LaChance, -

McDonald’s workers in 10 U.S. cities plan to strike Tuesday at lunchtime over sexual harassment and subsequent retaliation at the fast-food company. “Whatever [anti-harassment] policy they have [...]

Of Sex Abusers and Sex Offenders

By David Rosen, -

By David Rosen for Counterpunch. Within the limits of a highly-structure class system, gender relations are fundamentally changing. Most attention is focused on female actors and political [...]

Leaked DOJ Memo Recommends Considering Victims’ Sexual History In Rape Cases

By Emily Wells, -

By Emily Wells for Truth Dig - The policy would directly contradict the 1994 Violence Against Women Act’s rape shield laws, which are designed to prevent defendants from introducing victims’ [...]

Workers Protest Sexual Harassment In More Than 30 States

By RT, -

By RT. Female workers at McDonald’s are sick of being treated like meat. They are accusing the Golden Arches of not protecting employees against sexual harassment. Backed by the minimum wage [...]

$95K Settlement For OWS Whose Breast Was Grabbed By NYPD

By Christopher Robbins, -

By Christopher Robbins in Gothamist - An Occupy Wall Street protester who had her breast grabbed by an NYPD sergeant has won a $95,000 settlement from the city after arguing that "the police [...]