Corporations Should Have To Hear From Their Owners

By Fran Teplitz, -

When we think about ways to pressure corporations to improve their practices, we may think of petitions, street demonstrations, boycotts, or social media campaigns. Yet there’s another way that’s [...]

Challenging A Wall Street Giant On Pay

By staff, -

By staff. Investor and philanthropist Stephen Silberstein has set up a CEO pay showdown at the May 25 BlackRock annual meeting in New York City. The Wall Street firm’s CEO, [...]

Investors Urge FCC to Protect Net Neutrality

By Open Mic, -

A group of investment firms and foundations with widely-diversified investment portfolios today called upon the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to adopt network neutrality rules that [...]

Uranium Mining Protesters At Cameco Shareholders Meeting

By Wendy Winiewski, -

The agenda for Cameco’s annual general meeting took a turn Wednesday when a group of protesters showed up at Cameco’s head office. The focus shifted from updating shareholders on the financial [...]

Activists Swarm Lowe’s Shareholder Meeting, Demand End To Bee-Killing Pesticides

By SumOfUs, -

On Friday May 30th, outside of Lowe’s Annual Shareholder Meeting, members of, joined by beekeepers from around the country, and a giant inflatable bee, will draw attention to the [...]

Meet Moms Who Crashed McDonald’s Shareholder Meeting

By Yes! Editors, -

Casey Hinds showed up at her first McDonald's annual shareholder meeting in Illinois Thursday—to crash it. For months, she and five other nutrition-blogger moms prepared to confront McDonald's [...]

Merger Protests Greet Comcast’s Annual Shareholder Meeting

By Hadas Kuznits, -

Demonstrators gathered this morning outside Comcast Corporation’s annual shareholders’ meeting to show opposition to the company’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable. Outside the Kimmel [...]

Arrests At Peabody’s Annual Shareholder Meeting

By Students Against Peabody, -

"I am proud to stand with allies from Black Mesa and Rocky Branch against Peabody. Our campaign at WashU is not an isolated one; we stand together with communities all across the country to [...]

Bank Of America Protested Over Coal And Climate Finance

By Rainforest Action Network, -

An international coalition of shareholders and community leaders from as far away as Bogota, Colombia, will testify to the grave impacts resulting from Bank of America’s financing of the coal [...]

Protesters At Wells Fargo Annual Meeting Blast Predatory Lending

By Patrick Danner, -

Struggling homeowners continue to encounter problems with Wells Fargo, said Josh Zinner, co-director of the New Economy Project, one of the three groups that filed the stockholder proposal. Those [...]

Hundreds Protest During Duke Shareholder Meeting

By Mitch Weiss, -

Duke Energy’s chief executive on Thursday touted the company’s accomplishments over the past year, but some shareholders focused on a massive coal ash spill that coated 70-miles of a North [...]

The Promise Of Shareholder Activism?

By Amanda Maull, -

Recently, ExxonMobile made headline news for agreeing to shareholder requests for greater transparency regarding risks associated with its fossil fuel assets and shale gas activities. In late [...]

Corporations Increasing Concern About Activists

By David Gelles, -

“Companies now view the threat of shareholder activism similarly to how they viewed the threat of hostile takeovers in the 1980s,” said Gregg Feinstein, head of mergers and acquisitions at [...]