People With Jobs Are Sharing Their Stimulus Checks With People Out Of Work

By April M. Short, Independent Media Institute. -

The responses of governments around the world to the pandemic and its resulting economic impacts are revealing and varied. As officials enact measures to keep economies afloat and keep people [...]

Ghent’s Quick Rise As A Sustainable, Commons-Based Sharing City

By Mai Sutton, -

By Mai Sutton for Shareable - A renewable energy cooperative, a community land trust, and a former church building publicly-controlled and used by nearby residents — these are just a few examples [...]

Fortress World Of Capitalism vs. Beautiful Possibilities Of Cooperation

By Cynthia Kaufman, -

By Cynthia Kaufman for Common Dreams. Our beloved world is entering an increasingly unstable period, full of dangers and also full of possibilities. In many countries, old political parties are [...]

Sharing Economy: It Takes More Than A Smartphone

By Steven Gorelick, -

By Steven Gorelick For Local Futures - I ran into my friend Rick the other day in a small town near our homes in northern Vermont. He was just coming out of the bookstore, holding a pink plastic [...]

Sharing Economy Will Screw, Real Problem Retirement

By Steven Hill, -

By Steven Hill for Beacon Press - Meet Howard and Jean, an older couple I know, who like so many Americans of the “greatest generation” plugged into the New Deal world that promised a secure [...]

The Sharing Economy Is Booming In Helsinki: Here’s Why

By Anna Bergren Miller, -

By Anna Bergren Miller for Shareable - Helsinki is, in many respects, a sharer's paradise. The Finnish capital boasts a range of sharing economy platforms and services, from just-for-fun [...]

In The Era Of The Hunger Artist, We’re Crowdfunding To Survive

By Matt Stannard, -

By Matt Stannard for Occupy, “People became accustomed to thinking it strange that in these times they would want to pay attention to a hunger artist, and with this habitual awareness the [...]

Break-Fast. Literally.

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

By Eleanor Goldfield in Art Killing Apathy - This morning, activists with Beyond Extreme Energy plus partnering groups and individuals broke their 18 day fast outside of FERC (Federal Energy [...]

The Givebox

By Various, -

By Various - A Givebox is like a nice cupboard where people can put out stuff they don’t need anymore that others can take. A Give Box, also known as a Gift Box or Free Box is a simple way to [...]

How Communities Can Build Wealth By Knocking On Doors

By Oscar Perry Abello, -

By Oscar Perry Abello in Next City - Jennifer Meccozi spent two decades chopping onions as a restaurant cook before she became “chief door knocker” in Buffalo, New York, or in other words, [...]

Energy, Democracy, Community

By John Duda in Medium - But there’s another lesson to be learned from Curtis Bay: organized communities can successfully demand something other than business as usual. It started with just a few [...]

Here’s What a Commons-Based Economy Looks Like

By David Bollier, -

By David Bollier - So what might a commons-based economy actually look like in its broadest dimensions, and how might we achieve it? My colleague Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation offers a [...]

Save An Iconic California Medical Pot Collective

By Mollie Reilly, -

By Mollie Reilly in Huffington Post - The Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Santa Cruz, California, provides medical cannabis to seriously ill patients at little or no cost. Founded in [...]

The High Cost Of Fighting For The $15/Hr Minimum Wage

By Leo Gerard, -

This is no plea for pity for corporate kingpins like Walmart and McDonald’s inundated by workers’ demands for living wages. Raises would, of course, cost these billion-dollar corporations [...]

The Co-op Alternative To Uber

By Mary Hansen, -

Gebremariam isn’t just complaining about it. Instead, he and 644 other drivers are on a mission to form a new taxi company that will be both worker-owned and unionized. The new co-op, Green Taxi, [...]

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