Immigration Crackdown Sparks Silicon Valley Protests


By Dave Johnson for Nation of Change – The event, which attracted hundreds to downtown Palo Alto, was co-organized by Silicon Valley Rising, a coalition of community, faith-based and labor organizations that represent tech’s service workers. “We hope the event not only sends a message, but creates new opportunities for the low-wage, largely immigrant subcontracted janitors, security officers, cafeteria workers and shuttle drivers,” said Derecka Mehrens, Silicon Valley Rising’s co-founder. Participants carried signs like “Silicon Valley is powered by diversity” and “No ban, no wall -welcome all.”

Wolverton: Net Neutrality Should Be Silicon Valley’s Next Fight

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais File photo: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, left, stands up and joins others in the audience in applauding the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) vote in 2015 to approve net neutrality rules.

By Troy Wolverton for The Mercury News – Net neutrality is in the crosshairs again. Ajit Pai, the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, has made it clear that he’s no fan. He’s already halted a net neutrality-related investigation launched by his predecessor and recently reaffirmed his belief that, one way or another, the “days are numbered” for the Open Internet rules. Pai was not available for comment, but advocates on both sides of the net neutrality debate believe it’s only a matter of time before he tries to undo the rules. If the courts or Congress don’t overturn them, Pai will, said Berin Szoka, president of Tech Freedom, a group that advocates against regulations affecting the technology and telecom industries, at a forum in Menlo Park on net neutrality on Tuesday.

Immigrant Youth In The Silicon Valley: Together We Rise


By Staff of UCLA Labor Center – Undocumented youth are concentrated in service sectors, such as food and retail, construction, administrative work, and waste management. Undocumented young workers are 50% more likely to be “front-line” workers. Front-line jobs are low-wage, entry-level jobs, such as the floor positions in retail stores, counter staff at a fast food restaurant, and nonsupervisory positions at the construction site. Undocumented youth earn 28% less than other youth and earn less than what is needed to live in the area. Undocumented youth are diverse and a core part of the Silicon Valley community.

Silicon Valley And Police Create COINTELPRO For Tech Age

The data that was used by law enforcement to track activists of color. | Photo: Reuters / Wikimedia Commons

By Staff of Tele Sur – The most widely-used social media platforms have collaborated with law enforcement to track Black Lives Matter activists, providing police agencies with data that is unavailable to the broader public, the American Civil Liberties Union revealed Tuesday. Indeed, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all gave “special access” to Geofeedia, a Chicago-based social media monitoring company whose marketing materials have referred to labor unions and activists as “overt threats.”

Low-Wage Workers Propose A Good Work Code For Silicon Valley

Downtown San Jose, as seen from the Silicon Valley Capital Club. What do labor rights look like when workers can be hired and fired at the click of an app? (Photo: Peter Thoeny / Flickr)

By Laura Flanders for Truthout – By some estimates, as many as 53 million people living in the United States are now self-employed. Many work as independent contractors or freelancers, hired and fired at the click of an app. With flexibility comes a measure of freedom but also of insecurity; a measure of independence but also of isolation. Digital sector workers may not stand on a speeding production line or operate deadly machines, but they still can still face danger on the job. Subjective feedback or “ratings” systems are open to abuse.