Poor People’s Campaign Begins With Rallies & Mass Arrests Across The Country

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

The Poor People's Campaign kicked off 40 days of civil resistance calling for a new economy where workers have a wage "commensurate for the 21st-century economy," everyone has healthcare through [...]

DCCC Takes Money From Insurance Lobbyist As They Oppose Single Payer

In April 2017, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) wanted to find out the best way for its candidates to address the topic of health care, so it hired two research firms to [...]

Take Action Now

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. -

This week we urge you to take action in three areas. First, everyone should come out for antiwar actions as the Trump administration and Pentagon, with the silent acquiescence of congressional [...]

The Health Care Bait-And-Switch

By Glen Ford, Blackagendareport.com -

On the campaign trail in January of 2016, Hillary Clinton told Iowa voters that Bernie Sanders’ single payer health care proposal was an idea whose time would never come. "People who have health [...]

Medicare For All Advocates Rip ‘Cynical And Dishonest’ Healthcare Initiative As Ploy To Undermine Single Payer

By Julia Conley, Commondreams.org -

"The path already exists. The movement already exists. The political will exists. What's lacking is a willingness to stand up for values that people already agree with for fear of alienating [...]

Spring 2018 Single Payer Action Camp

By Margaret Flowers, Health Over Profit. -

Health Over Profit for Everyone, in partnership with the Backbone Campaign, is offering the first Single Payer Action Camp to build participant's skills in strategy, messaging and direct action [...]

Which Path To National Improved Medicare For All?

By Margaret Flowers, Healthoverprofit.org -

Two states with a long history of state-based healthcare reform efforts, California and New York, are hard at work organizing for state bills labeled as single payer healthcare plans. Other [...]

Health Insurance And Pharma Block Hopes For Single-Payer Health Care

By Josh Finkelstein, Opensecrets.org -

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont hosted a town hall recently to discuss the Medicare for All Act, during which he emphasized a conflict of interest around involving the private sector in [...]

Single Payer Could Stop The Rural Hospital Closure Crisis

By Frances Gill, Peoplespolicyproject.org -

America’s rural hospitals are closing down at an alarming rate. According to the North Carolina Rural Health Research Program, there were seventy-two rural hospital closures between 2010 and [...]

Jacob Hacker Rises Again To Stop Single Payer

By Margaret Flowers, Healthoverprofit.org -

In the article linked below, The Road to Medicare for Everyone, Jacob Hacker is once again working to dissuade single payer healthcare supporters from demanding National Improved Medicare for All [...]

Building Single-Payer Health System: Lessons From Taiwan’s Turnaround

By Michael Corcoran, Truthout.org -

There are obvious reasons why some people in the United States oppose the prospect of single-payer health care. Taking the profit out of health care -- a moral imperative and the norm [...]

Luxury Socialized Medicine

By Meagan Day, jacobinmag.com -

By Meagan Day for Jacobin Magazine - The standard case for a single-payer health insurance system is pretty well known. Anyone can get care without courting financial ruin. Monumental personal [...]

Corporate Media Fails To Report Truth About Single Payer

By Michael Corcoran, www.fair.org -

By Michael Corcoran for FAIR. It is a sad reflection on the state of healthcare reporting in the United States that one can so easily predict how many media outlets will respond to a news event [...]

Unlike Single Payer, Obamacare’s Design Neglects Black People

By Eli Day, peoplespolicyproject.org -

By Eli Day for Peoples Policy Report - Mainstream liberals, and in particular Democrats, have been known to cozy up to radical language and symbols just as their value, and with it the political [...]

Single Payer Myths: Removing People From Employer Plans

By Matt Bruenig, www.peoplespolicyproject.org -

By Matt Bruenig for People's Policy Project - After you have demonstrated that the switching pain argument is wrong on the merits, critics will typically retreat to some kind of political [...]