The Apocalypse Of Settler Colonialism

By Gerald Horne, -

The years between 1603 and 1714 were perhaps the most decisive in English history. At the onset of the seventeenth century, the sceptered isle was a second-class power, but the Great Britain that [...]

What American High Schools Are Teaching Students About Slavery

By Jacob Sugarman, -

Just eight percent of American high school seniors can identify the cause of the Civil War; less than a third (32 percent) know which amendment abolished slavery in the U.S.; and fewer than half [...]

What! Slavery In Libya? You Weren’t Reading Black Agenda Report

By Bruce A. Dixon, -

If the news that black Libyans and black migrants from sub-Saharan Africa were being sold as slaves in Libya was a surprise to you, then you were not reading Black Agenda Report during the [...]

U.S. Imperialism Created Slavery In Libya

By Danya Zituni, -

By Danya Zituni for Fight Back! News - Chicago, IL – The corporate media has only now begun reporting the atrocities committed against black Libyans and African migrant workers by racist [...]

Obama’s ‘Worst Mistake’ Led To Libyan Slave Trade

By Jason Johnson, -

By Jason Johnson for The Root - When CNN broke the story several weeks ago that slavery—not wage slavery, not emotional slavery, not virtual slavery, but actual whips-and-chains-forced labor [...]

Thank CNN For The Slave Auctions In Libya

By Danny Haiphong, -

By Danny Haiphong for Black Agenda Report - On November 14th, CNN produced an "exclusive" report about the slave trafficking of migrants in Libya. The report detailed the devastating conditions [...]

Proposed Tax Reform Plan Will Destroy Black America

By Phillip Jackson, -

By Phillip Jackson for Black Star Journal. Today, we have the Civil War 2.0 with many of the same southern states that lost the first Civil War initiating a Tax Reform Plan that would [...]

Stop Using Inmates As Slaves

By Annie McGrew and Angela Hanks, -

By Annie McGrew and Angela Hanks for Talk Poverty - Last week, a Louisiana sheriff gave a press conference railing against a new prisoner release program because it cost him free labor from “some [...]

Oldest Columbus Memorial Vandalized In Protest Against White Supremacy

By Staff for Popular Resistance. In the dark of night on August 21, 2017, protesters attacked a memorial commemorating Christopher Columbus. The memorial is the oldest monument to Columbus in [...]

Millions For Prisoners’ Human Rights March In DC

By Kyle Fraser, -

By Kyle Fraser for Black Agenda Report. Prisoner rights advocates will converge for what aims to be the largest abolitionist demonstration in U.S. history, Saturday, August 9, in Washington D.C. [...]

Baltimore Removes Confederate Monuments In Face Of Protests

By Kevin Zeese, -

By Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. Baltimore, MD - In the dark of the night, Baltimore City government removed four Confederate monuments. The removal began at 11:30 pm on August 15 and was [...]

’13th’ And The Culture Of Surplus Punishment

By Victor Wallis, -

By Victor Wallis for the San Francisco Bay View. From the late 1800s until now, unpaid prison labor has been the pattern, practice, and collective mindset of various states across America. [...]

Descendants Of Freed Slaves Fight For Their Land In The Amazon

By Nick Barrickman and Alex González, -

By Nick Barrickman and Alex González for WSWS - Local residents inform the International Amazon Workers Voice that Amazon is attempting to seize 50 acres of land owned by elderly working class [...]

Elon Musk Subsidiary Using Prison Labor

By Aura Bogado, -

By Aura Bogado for Grist - SolarCity is probably the best-known name in the U.S. for residential solar installations — it’s top in the market. The company was founded by Elon Musk, along with two [...]

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