From Protest To Power

August 1964, fifty-five years ago, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party presented itself to the national Democratic Party Convention seeking to be seated as the official party from that [...]

We’ve Been Here Before: Learning From The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

By Paul McLennan, -

Amnesia 2019. Both about the times we are living in, as if they have never happened before, and about the people’s resistance that has endlessly risen up defiantly in the face of all forms of [...]

Karen Spellman And The SNCC Legacy Project –Black Power Chronicle Part II

By Dr. Marsha Cole, -

By Dr. Marsha Cole for Black Agenda Report - Part I of the Karen Spellman interview discussed the need for those involved in the Black Power Movement to tell their stories in their own voices. [...]

Julian Bond, Colleague & Inspiration

By Clarence Lusane, -

By Clarence Lusane in Progressive - I had the great fortune to have had Julian Bond as a colleague at American University. On a number of occasions, I sat in on his lectures or talks. These [...]