Scholars For Social Justice Launches With 100+ Members

Scholars for Social Justice (SSJ) is a new formation of progressive scholars committed to promoting and fighting for a political agenda that insists on justice for all, especially those most [...]

Pennsylvania Community Finds Its Bearings In Trump Era

By Jon Jeter, -

TITUSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA — Shoehorned between the state line and the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania’s northwest corner, the city of Titusville is as red as America gets, a place where virtually [...]

Lifting Up Community Voices To Tackle Injustice

By Jean Trounstine, -

Lillie A. Estes calls herself a "community strategist." Others see her as a force of nature. She has lived in Richmond, Virginia, for 35 years, where she builds and develops innovative alliances [...]

‘Whose Streets?’ Tracks Inspirational Call For Social Justice

By Jordan Riefe, -

By Jordan Riefe for Truth Dig - On Aug. 9 three years ago, unarmed teen Michael Brown was shot dead by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo. The killing took place under disputed circumstances, [...]

Arizona Would Ban Discussion Of Social Justice Solidarity In Schools

By Nika Knight, -

By Nika Knight for Common Dreams. Arizona state representative Bob Thorpe, a Republican, has just proposed a bill that would ban any school courses or extracurricular activities that "promote" [...]

‘We Have To Shift The Table Of Power’

By Lauren Rankin, -

By Lauren Rankin for Rewire - If we let the election extinguish our inner fire and vision of a just future, then that's worse than anything we lost at the polls in terms of votes or anything [...]

America’s Heart Problem

By Josh Hoxie, -

By Josh Hoxie for Inequality - The United States has a heart problem. We need justice-loving people to come forward and act as moral defibrillators for the nation. We need more people like North [...]

Witnessing New Age Of Social Justice Movements—Including Labor

By Shaun Richman, -

By Shaun Richman for In These Times - Something is happening. Socialism is no longer a dirty word (the “S-word”), but something a sizeable portion of Americans tell pollsters is their preferred [...]

Winning Our Movements Inside And Out

By Jardana Peacock, -

By Jardana Peacock for The Feminist Wire - Trauma is everywhere. It lives in between the lines of the articles we scan on Facebook, in our interactions with others, in our holistic health [...]

Social Justice For A Global Working Class

By Wesley Bishop, -

By Wesley Bishop for LAWCHA - On June 10th students, activists, and scholars met at Purdue University for the 2016 annual Midwest Labor and Working Class History (MLWCH) conference. This year’s [...]

Regenerative Economy Can Help Save Environment

By Iliana Salazar-Dodge, -

By Iliana Salazar-Dodge for AlterNet - I am a Mexican immigrant and a senior at Columbia University who’s been organizing around fossil fuel divestment since freshman year. Two years ago, I had a [...]

World Day For Social Justice 2016 – Time To Share The Wealth

By Staff, -

By Staff of STWR - Every year since 2009, the United Nations has highlighted February 20th as the World Day for Social Justice in a bid to underscore the glaring inequalities that increasingly [...]

Auschwitz, Hedy Epstein And Her Search For Justice

By Pablo Vivanco, -

By Pablo Vivanco for Tele Sur - After World War II, a teenage Hedy Epstein returned to Germany to search for her parents. At 90, she is still on the move, working for social justice in various [...]

Martin Luther King Jr. Had A Dream. We Can Make It Come True.

By Steven Shafarman, -

By Steven Shafarman for Fusion - Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and a plan. We hear about the dream every year on the holiday that honors his legacy, with replays of his 1963 speech: “that [...]

12 People Who Made A Difference

By Ralph Nader, -

By Ralph Nader. Can one person truly make a difference in the world? Far too many people think not, and thus they sell themselves far too short. A wave of pessimism leads capable people to [...]

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