Ed Asner (1929 – 2021)

By Stephanie Atkinson, Courage to Resist. -

Ed Asner was beyond a gifted actor who created an identifiable, singularly American cultural character. He was also “one of us”–a veteran and a person of conscience. After the US illegally [...]

Social Justice Demonstrations Mark First Week Of NFL

By Justine Coleman, The Hill. -

NFL players marked the first full weekend of professional football by participating in social justice demonstrations, with various teams opting to stay in the locker room, link arms or kneel [...]

The Pandemic Revealed That Child Care Is Vital Work

By Andrea Ringer, LAWCHA.org. -

The COVID-19 pandemic has created several shifts across the labor landscape while exposing how piecemeal family care policies have left workers in precarious situations. The closure of schools at [...]

What Can Safety Without Police Look Like?

By April M. Short, Local Peace Economy -

This is a moment of contention and restructuring in America. Mass public outcry is exposing the long-buried, problematic foundations of a nation built on human trafficking, commodification and [...]

These Activists-in-Training Are Scouting For Social Justice

By Azucena Rasilla, Zora.medium.com -

Anayvette Martinez wanted to start a different kind of girl scout troop after her then fourth-grade daughter expressed her desire to join one. What Martinez found, however, was that her daughter [...]

A Call For People’s Awareness Of Venezuela

By Pasqualina Curcio, Redangostura.org. -

In 1999, we decided, as a nation and democratically, to be independent and sovereign, to move towards a model of social justice and equality, as well as to freely make use of our vast wealth. We [...]

Civil Rights Groups To Hold Social Justice Rally In Atlanta Before The Super Bowl

By Kimberley Richards, Huffingtonpost.com -

Organizers will stage a rally to call for the removal of Confederate monuments and symbols on the eve of the big game. A group of civil rights organizations is planning to hold a rally in Atlanta [...]

Reflections On Olympia Assembly: An Experiment In Popular Power

By  David Goldman, Social-ecology.org -

Olympia Assembly started in March of 2017, amidst ecological and political catastrophe. It was created as a communal assembly project, coalescing around points of unity such as direct democracy, [...]

As The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Turns 70, It’s Time To Resurrect Its Vision Of Global Sharing And Justice

By Adam Parsons, Sharing.org -

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is one of the most translated and celebrated documents in the world, marking its 70th anniversary this year. But relatively few people are aware of the [...]

Scholars For Social Justice Launches With 100+ Members

Scholars for Social Justice (SSJ) is a new formation of progressive scholars committed to promoting and fighting for a political agenda that insists on justice for all, especially those most [...]

Pennsylvania Community Finds Its Bearings In Trump Era

By Jon Jeter, Mintpressnews.com -

TITUSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA — Shoehorned between the state line and the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania’s northwest corner, the city of Titusville is as red as America gets, a place where virtually [...]

Lifting Up Community Voices To Tackle Injustice

By Jean Trounstine, Truthout.org -

Lillie A. Estes calls herself a "community strategist." Others see her as a force of nature. She has lived in Richmond, Virginia, for 35 years, where she builds and develops innovative alliances [...]

‘Whose Streets?’ Tracks Inspirational Call For Social Justice

By Jordan Riefe, www.truthdig.com -

By Jordan Riefe for Truth Dig - On Aug. 9 three years ago, unarmed teen Michael Brown was shot dead by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo. The killing took place under disputed circumstances, [...]

Arizona Would Ban Discussion Of Social Justice Solidarity In Schools

By Nika Knight, www.commondreams.org -

By Nika Knight for Common Dreams. Arizona state representative Bob Thorpe, a Republican, has just proposed a bill that would ban any school courses or extracurricular activities that "promote" [...]

‘We Have To Shift The Table Of Power’

By Lauren Rankin, www.rewire.news -

By Lauren Rankin for Rewire - If we let the election extinguish our inner fire and vision of a just future, then that's worse than anything we lost at the polls in terms of votes or anything [...]

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