Social Security Trustees Report Shows We Should Expand Retirement Benefits

By Monique Morrissey, -

There’s no real news in the Social Security trustees report released this afternoon. We’re now a year closer to the date the trust fund will be exhausted, 2034 (same as last year’s projection), [...]

Social Security Protests In Nicaragua? Hold On A Second…

By Jake Johnston, -

For more than a week, Nicaragua was convulsed in protests that were met with heavy-handed repression that has reportedly left at least 30 dead. Tear gas. Rubber bullets. Live ammunition. [...]

Current Taxes And Tax Reform Undermine Social Security & Medicare

By Sam Pizzigati, -

By Sam Pizzigati for Other Words - You probably pay about four times more of your income to Social Security than millionaires, who want to cut their taxes and your benefits. How much did your [...]

Trump’s Trojan Horse Attack On Social Security

By Nancy Altman, -

By Nancy Altman for The Hoffington Post - As part of his tax package, Donald Trump reportedly is planning to propose replacing employee contributions to Social Security with general revenue. The [...]

Get Ready For All-Out Assault On Social Security

By Dave Lindorff, -

By Dave Lindorff for This Can't Be Happening - The first assault of the new Trump administration and Republican Congress upon Social Security has been launched. It comes in the form of release of [...]

Olders Pushed Into Poverty As Feds Garnish Social Security For Student Debt

By Deirdre Fulton, -

By Deirdre Fulton for Common Dreams - 'Hard-earned Social Security checks should not be siphoned off to pay interest and fees on student loan debt,' says Elizabeth Warren. The federal government [...]

Attempt To Curtail Dissent Of Seniors By Stopping SS Checks

By Ann Wright, -

By Ann Wright for Op Ed News - Governments go to pretty low tricks to silence dissent -- curtailing ones that travel to neighboring countries and now stopping social security checks. First, in [...]

Republican Social Security Plan: 27% Cut, Tax Breaks For Rich

By Monique Morrissey, -

By Monique Morrissey for EPI - Donald Trump ran a campaign that rejected Republican orthodoxy on a variety of issues. He consistently and emphatically rejected the party line on slashing social [...]

Newsletter – Lift The Veil; See Reality, Take Action

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. It is graduation time and our youth are inheriting a dysfunctional economy while they are saddled with the highest debt ever. This situation creates a [...]

Sharing Economy Will Screw, Real Problem Retirement

By Steven Hill, -

By Steven Hill for Beacon Press - Meet Howard and Jean, an older couple I know, who like so many Americans of the “greatest generation” plugged into the New Deal world that promised a secure [...]

National Consensus For Transformational Change: Action Needed

By Robert Weissman for Huffington Post. Americans overwhelmingly agree on a wide range of issues. They want policies to make the economy more fair and hold corporate executives accountable. They [...]

Finland Will Pay Everyone In The Country $876 A Month

By Briana Madden, -

By Briana Madden for US Uncut - To fight poverty and boost its own economy, Finland is planning to issue a check for $876 to every citizen, every month. The concept is called basic income, and [...]

Independence Day, Thomas Paine And Social Security

By Nancy Altman, -

By Nancy Altman in The Huffington Post - Celebrating the Fourth of July with fireworks dates back to our founding. Without founding father Thomas Paine, however, July 4 might be just another [...]

Organize & Mobilize Now To Strengthen Social Security & Medicare

By Dave Lindorff, -

With Republicans now in control of both houses of Congress, the current president already on record as supported cuts in Social Security and Medicare, and all signs pointing to the likelihood [...]

Stop The War On The Poor Campaign

By Stop the War on the Poor, -

Stop the War on the Poor commemorates Martin Luther King Jr’s Poor People’s Campaign (PPC). In 1968, just prior to his assassination, Martin Luther King Jr condemned the Vietnam War and called [...]

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