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Manifesto For Wholesome Cooperation: A Sociocratic Perspective

Sociocracy and cooperativism stem from the premise that humans thrive as social animals. Quite possibly, cooperation acts as our most characteristic trait as living beings. We need each other. No human effort, made by a lone individual, succeeds. Since the dawn of our species, we have engaged in cooperation, and we're still figuring out how to do it best. We could certainly do it better than we are now, and sociocracy sheds a light on the way forward. Sociocracy (also called dynamic governance) means governance by the socios: those who associate together. In other words, if you join, if you participate, you get to have a voice in decision-making.

Transformation Through Sociocracy And Participatory Budgeting

Kristina Banks and Ingrid Haftel from the Participatory Budgeting Project share reflections on the intersections between sociocracy and participatory budgeting (PB)--and how they are experiencing the transformative power of this shared governance systemically, organizationally, and individually.

Design Principles For Radically Unorthodox Movement-Building

The networks, organizations, and movements that we generate reflect the quality of our own consciousness in the moment. What does the global state of human consciousness tell us then about the movements that we're capable of building? If you find the answer to that question frightening, you're invited to explore a radically unorthodox approach to movement-building. Welcome to the work of the Community Supported Enlightenment (CSE) network.  The CSE network, like so many change agent groups over time, has discovered the  secret sauce recipe. The answer has been hidden in plain sight for eons.
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