Green New Deal Must Offer Farmers A Way To Transition To Regenerative Agriculture

By Mackenzie Feldman and John Ikerd, In These Times. -

Right now, soil health is declining because intensive farming practices, including monocultures, deplete soil organic matter, destroy the biological health of soil, and increase the soil’s [...]

New Groundbreaking Research Shows Glyphosate Persists In Soil

By Staff, -

By Staff of Sustainable Pulse - In contrast to what its manufactures purport, glyphosate persists in soils affecting not only soil fertility and crop quality, but also human and environmental [...]

Healthy Ground, Healthy Atmosphere: Recarbonizing Soils

By Nancy Averett, -

By Nancy Averett for EHP - On a bright October morning Dave Brandt tromps through the middle of his central Ohio wheat field. The grain was harvested months ago, but there isn’t an inch of bare [...]

Sowing Health, Sustainability And Climate Stability

By Sarah Streat and Katherine Paul, -

A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt In his opening address to the Savory Institute global conference in London on August 1, Alan Savory said that while [...]