Excluding Nuclear, Fossils With Carbon Capture, & Biofuels From The Green New Deal Makes Financial & Climate Sense

By Mark Z. Jacobson, Mark A. Delucchi, Clean Technica -

The Green New Deal and multiple proposed laws and resolutions in the U.S. House and Senate call for the United States to move entirely from fossil fuels to clean, renewable electricity and/or all [...]

This Co-Op Solar Project Will Be Owned By The Community Members It Benefits

By Eillie Anzilotti, Fastcompany.com -

In Sunset Park, a waterfront neighborhood in central Brooklyn, nearly 30% of residents live below the poverty line. The neighborhood has dealt with a history of environmental burdens, [...]

Wave Of Renewable Energy Resistance Puts Solar Panels In Path Of Tar Sands Pipeline

By Staff, Gofossilfree.org -

Keystone XL is a proposed tar sands pipeline that would connect Alberta, Canada with Gulf Coast refineries carrying around 800,000 barrels per day of tar sands oil across the United States. [...]

U.S. Utility Solar Contracts ‘Exploded’ In 2018 Despite Tariffs: Report

By Nichola Groom, Reuters.com -

(Reuters) - Procurement of solar energy by U.S. utilities “exploded” in the first half of 2018, prompting a prominent research group to boost its five-year installation forecast on Thursday [...]

How Much Damage are Trump’s Solar Tariffs Doing to the U.S. Industry?

By Dan Gearino, Insideclimatenews.org -

The tariffs on imported solar panels imposed by the Trump administration six months ago have done little to dampen the booming solar market in the United States. Company executives and industry [...]

Navajo Nations First Solar Project Now Producing Electricity For 13,000 Homes

By Staff, Whitewolfpack.com -

The Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, which owns the solar plant, touted the project as a major clean energy advancement on a reservation long known for fossil fuel development. A giant array of [...]

Solar Investment Down Nearly 20% From The First Half Of 2017

By Emma Foehringer, Greentechmedia.com -

Despite the drop, overall investment remains stable, with wind and other clean energy technologies picking up the slack. New data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows a 19 percent reduction in [...]

Solar Is Saving Low-Income Households Money In Colorado. It Could Be A National Model

By Dan Gearino, Insideclimatenews.org -

Low-income households in Colorado are getting a new question during visits from energy assistance agencies: Have you considered solar panels? It's an innovative approach to solving two challenges [...]

Cooperatives Lauded As ‘Trailblazers’ In Community Solar

By Michael W. Kahn, Electric.coop -

Looking for community solar? Your best bet is in electric cooperative territory. “In terms of the number of community solar programs, cooperative utilities have been trailblazers,” states a new [...]

How Solar Panels On A Church Rooftop Broke The Law In N.C.

By Dan Gearino, Insideclimatenews.org -

A North Carolina environmental group that tried to challenge the state's utility monopoly by installing solar panels on the roof of a predominantly African-American church and selling the church [...]

California Becomes First State Requiring All New Homes Be Built With Solar

By Rob Nikolewski, Sandiegouniontribune.com -

Environmental groups hailed the decision, pointing to estimates that energy use in buildings account for about one-fourth of greenhouse gas emissions in California. The state’s four [...]

Utilities Kill Solar Bill Despite Majority Support In SC House

By Sammy Fretwell, Thestate.com -

Under pressure from the state's major utilities, the S.C. House killed a solar bill Tuesday that was intended to protect thousands of jobs and save customers money on their monthly power bills. [...]

Solar Foundation Presents Solar Jobs Maps, Local Data

By John Weaver, Pv-magazine-usa.com -

The U.S. lost just under 10,000 solar jobs in 2017 versus 2016. And while it is difficult to say exactly what caused each job loss, analysts state that a majority came as a result of the [...]

US Solar Installers Report Increased Optimism—Except In California

By Emma Foehringer Merchant, Greentechmedia.com -

EnergySage said its annual survey indicates “solar installers have much to look forward to in 2018 and beyond.” Even as U.S. solar faced a tumultuous year, installer confidence "improved [...]

In Nigeria, A Template For Solar-Powered Minigrids Emerges

By Chris Warren, Greentechmedia.com -

How a unique partnership, innovative financing and stubborn persistence created a model for localized solar and batteries. On a humid November day in the small Nigerian village of Gbamu Gbamu [...]