The Israeli Activists Helping Protect The Palestinian Olive Harvest

By Orly Noy, -

It had become like the opening ceremony of the olive harvest season: last Wednesday, Israeli settlers uprooted 40 olive trees in Turmusaya, a small Palestinian village north of Ramallah. [...]

Parallels Between National Strikes Abroad From Prisoners In The United States To Teachers In Costa Rica

By Amani Sawari, -

Costa Rica is an insanely beautiful place. When I took my trip I did not expect to have any sort of life changing revelation and that’s not what this write-up is going to be about. I took a [...]

Israeli Soldiers Beat, Stripped And Robbed Freedom Flotilla Activists

By Middle East Monitor, -

“If we were Palestinians it would be much worse with physical assaults and probably loss of lives. The situation is therefore dire for the Palestinians.” Founding trustee of Medical Aid for [...]

Answering “What Should I Do?” Is Easier When You Know The Roles Of Social Movements

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

The United States is going in the wrong direction on a wide range of social, economic and foreign policy issues and people are justifiably upset and angry about this. One question we are [...]

Crew Walks Off Job After Racist Boss Fires Latino Coworkers: ‘We Rise Together Homie’

By Micah Uetricht, Jacobin -

US labor history is full of moments of tremendous drama and upheaval. That history is riveting stuff, but getting a raw, unfiltered view of the human drama of workers fighting their bosses on the [...]

We Stand In Solidarity With The Resilient People Of Iraq

By Staff, -

Major, nationwide protests are currently raging throughout Iraq. Beginning in Basra among young oil workers demanding jobs for locals, the movement has spread to other major cities in Iraq. As [...]

Rural America Stands Up For Immigrants

By Justin Vest, -

This summer, people gathered in cities throughout the country to protest our government’s separation and incarceration of immigrant families. In Alabama, hundreds of local residents came together [...]

Our Solidarity Is Stronger Than Their Hate

By Staff, -

The renewed threat of the far right is another frightening feature of the Trump era, but we have solidarity and unity to rely on in building resistance and a left alternative.  AT THE start of [...]

Gaza Flotilla Ship Al Awda Violently Seized By Israelis, USS Liberty Survivor Amongst Those Captured

By Joe Lauria, -

Israeli soldiers in international waters boarded the Al Awda ship headed to Gaza to deliver relief supplies on Sunday, detaining everyone on board, including a USS Liberty survivor, after beating [...]

Gaza Freedom Flotilla Ship Hijacked by Israeli Occupation Forces

By Ann Wright, -

The motor vessel Al Awda (The Return), traveling in international waters towards Palestinian waters, 49 nautical miles from the port in Gaza City, has been contacted by the Israeli Occupation [...]

Gaza Freedom Flotilla Is Leaving For Gaza

By Staff, -

Four boats from the ‘Right to a Just Future for Palestine’ Freedom Flotilla Coalition are scheduled to leave Palermo, Sicily, to break the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza, and to assert the [...]

USS Liberty Survivor Named US Delegate On Gaza Flotilla

By Joe Lauria, -

A survivor of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 U.S. sailors has joined the Freedom Flotilla headed towards Gaza, as Joe Lauria reports. Joe Meadors, a survivor of the 1967 [...]

The Next Boat To Gaza

By Elizabeth Murray,  -

Aboard the international solidarity boat Al-Awda, part of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC), we are a more motley crew than the passengers aboard the Minnow in the old US TV series McHale’s [...]

The Next Boat To Gaza

By Elizabeth Murray, -

Aboard the international solidarity boat Al-Awda, part of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC), we are a more motley crew than the passengers aboard the Minnow in the old US TV series Gilligan’s [...]

We Give Our Unconditional Support To A Humanitarian Zone For People Returning To Syria

By Staff, -

Because of our painful experience of being displaced, returning, and being persecuted by our own State and Government, we feel deeply rooted solidarity with the proposal made by some Syrian [...]