Workers At Kellogg’s Cereal Production Plants Are On Strike

Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) President Anthony Shelton issued the following statement in support of 1,400 BCTGM members in Battle Creek, [...]

Solidarity With Longtime Anti-War Activist Joe Lombardo!

By Committee to Stop FBI Repression. -

On the heels of its defeat in Afghanistan, the United States government has made it clear it is now once again setting its sights on anti-war activists in the United States. Their latest target [...]

Cuban And Mexican Presidents Strengthen Solidarity

By W. T. Whitney, Counter Punch. -

The independence of Mexico and of Cuba, got a big hearing in Mexico City on September 16.  On that day in 1810, in Dolores, Mexico, Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo called upon parishioners to join [...]

18 Countries Issue Call For Defense Of United Nations Charter

By People's Dispatch. -

The Group of Friends in Defense of the United Nations Charter held its first ministerial meeting at Venezuela’s UN Mission in New York City on Thursday, September 23 on the sidelines of the UN [...]

The Global South Stands United Against Apartheid

By Progressive International. -

The Global South Response against Israel's apartheid and annexation plan was launched in July 2020, endorsing the Palestinian civil society demands of UN investigation into Israel's apartheid, [...]

Nabisco Strike Ends: BCTGM Members Overwhelmingly Accept New Contract

Members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) working for Nabisco/Mondelez in Portland, Ore., Aurora, Colo., Richmond, Va., Chicago, Ill. and [...]

Entire Staff Of A Burrito Restaurant In Georgia Quit

By Grace Dean, Business Insider. -

The staff of a burrito restaurant in Georgia quit by posting a sign claiming they had worked seven days a week for a month with "barely any time off." Employees at the Barberitos restaurant on [...]

Cuba To Receive 8.7 Million Syringes From Its Residents Abroad

By Telesur English. -

According to Humberto Pérez, coordinator of the Asociación Martiana de Cubanos Residentes en Panamá, organizer of the shipment, the donation is part of the campaign Rompamos el Bloqueo, in which [...]

Falling In Love With Your Community

By Massiel Luna Delgado, Tortilla con Sal. -

Today's world is complex and messed up. All the suffering among the great majorities for many people is just one more number while an increasing number of human beings are or feel isolated, [...]

Strike At Portland Nabisco Bakery Spreads To Five Other Facilities

By Jamie Goldberg, Oregon Live. -

Oregon - A strike that began at the Nabisco bakery in Northeast Portland on Aug. 10 has spread to five other facilities across the United States and gained national attention with both [...]

Will Investing In Community Groups Keep Immigrants Out Of Detention?

By Angelika Albaladejo, Capital and Main. -

“It’s solidarity, not charity,” said Grace Kindeke, who helps people recently released from immigration detention with housing, food, legal and health services in her community of Concord, New [...]

Debtors’ Unions: Indebtedness As A Source Of Collective Power

By In These Times. -

That’s the idea. In 2019, more than three quarters of U.S. households were holding some type of debt. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, 1 in 4 adults are now struggling to pay household [...]

Latin American Socialists Unite With Axis Of Resistance Against Imperialism

By Ben Norton, Orinoco Tribune. -

Revolutionary socialist movements in Latin America are developing closer relations with anti-imperialist resistance forces in West Asia, building a united front against Western aggression and [...]

The Haiti Earthquake And Its Invisibilities

By Wooldy Edson Louidor, Resumen English. -

Eleven years after that fateful January 12, 2010, Haiti once again suffered, last Saturday, August 14, 2021, the tremendous blows of an earthquake that has already claimed the lives of at least [...]