Obama’s Siren Song, Jill Stein And Medea Benjamin

By Staff of Acronym TV - This week on Acronym TV: The YES MEN strike again!, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink on Obama’s foreign policy legacy, Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein on the [...]

15 Arrested At ‘Real State Of The Union’

By National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance, -

By National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance. President Obama failed to address the issues raised in the petition. For example, the NCNR message to the president included this: “A real State of [...]

VIDEO: ‘American Sniper’ As American Jingoistic Propaganda

By Lee Camp and John F. O'Donnell, www.rt.com/shows/redacted-tonight/ -

Making a movie about the Iraq War, even as a backdrop to a character study, in which America is depicted as the complete moral savior and the Iraqis are depicted as despicably evil savages is [...]