2019 Protests From North, West, East And Southern Africa

2019 had her fair share of protests from North, West, East and Southern Africa. The reasons for these protests were largely political, followed by economic and then demand for human rights in [...]

A Fight For The Right To Breathe Begins In South Africa

By Ramin Pejan, Earthjustice.org -

South African environmental justice advocates are suing the government to force it to clean up the air in the country’s Mpumalanga Highveld region. In the mid-1990s, South Africa’s post-apartheid [...]

How South Africa’s Shack Dwellers’ Movement Is Fighting Back—And Growing—Despite Waves Of Repression

By Celina della Croce, Ind.media/globetrotter -

In one of few appearances since he was forced to go underground, S’bu Zikode, a founder and leader of the Shack Dwellers Movement of South Africa (Abahlali baseMjondolo), spoke at the People’s [...]

We Build Your Homes, But Have No Homes Ourselves: Diary Of A South African Land Occupation

By Vijay Prashad, Newsclick.in -

Talitha and Johanna work as maids. They earn R150 per day, which is the price of a gallon of milk, a pound of cheese, a loaf of bread and four oranges (1 Rand is about 5 Rupees). They could just [...]

‘We’ll Shut Down Economy’

By Naziziphiwo Buso, Heraldlive.co.za -

South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi has threatened to shut down the economy if the proposed national minimum wage is implemented. Vavi was speaking [...]

How Racism In South Africa Shaped Gandhi

By Ravi P Bhatia, Transcend.org -

8 Feb 2018 – As is well known, Mohandas Gandhi had gone to England in 1888 at the age of 19 years to train as a lawyer. Before going his mother Putlibai who was a devout person, deeply religious [...]

Climate Change, Drought And Day Zero In Cape Town

By Leonie Joubert, Climatenewsnetwork.net -

CAPE TOWN, 7 February, 2018 – Day Zero is real. The Day Zero concept means that Cape Town’s utility managers will switch off water to residential buildings and businesses, and continue to supply [...]

South Africa’s Shack Dwellers See Politics Very Differently Than Average Westerner

By Vijay Prashad, AlterNet.org -

Walking into the settlement at Kennedy Road in Durban, what one is confronted with is the familiarity of the place. I’ve been here before. Not to this settlement, but to others like it. To bastis [...]

NUMSA: S. African Union Confronts New Forms Of Apartheid Through Class Struggle

By Phakamile Hlubi, Blackagendareport.com -

I’ll answer your question first and then I’ll give some context. Our view of the current South African government is we have taken a very oppositionist perspective, we are opposed to the ANC -- [...]

S. African Poet Helping Maryland Church Protect Historic Black Cemetery

By Andrew Bossone, pbs.org -

By Andrew Bossone for PBS NewsHour - Shauna Sorrells, a spokesperson for the county’s housing opportunities commission, said the county knew when it drew up design plans for the parking lot that [...]

Domestic Workers Movement Is Growing

By Myrtle Witbooi, www.opendemocracy.net -

By Myrtle Witbooi for Open Democracy - So the question is, how did I come from my humble beginnings to where I am now? My life in this field started in 1966, when I became a domestic worker. I [...]

New Netanyahu “Peace” Plan Is Straight Out Of Apartheid South Africa

By Ali Abunimah, www.electronicintifada.net -

By Ali Abunimah for The Electronic Antifada - Benjamin Netanyahu is proposing that Palestinian citizens of Israel be stripped of their citizenship under a “peace” deal that would place them in a [...]

Political Analysis Of South Africa By The SA Communist Party

By Staff, www.sacp.org.za -

By Staff of SACP - We, 1, 819 Communist militants, have met over the past five days as delegates to the SACP's 14th National Congress in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng. We are drawn from over 7, 000 SACP [...]

South Africa Writhes In New Political-Economic Birth Pains

By Patrick Bond, www.counterpunch.org -

By Patrick Bond for Counter Punch - Indeed there is no doubt that at least one profound problem with the recent whitelash against Zuma is its class character. Even though the poor – who number [...]

Anti-Apartheid Leader Ahmed Kathrada Died

By Staff, www.polity.org.za -

By Staff of Polity - Sad as the passing of Ahmed Kathrada is, we need to use these occasions to draw lessons from his life. Kathrada is one of the last of a generation of political figures who [...]

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