The Heart Of The Matter In The South China Sea

By Pepe Escobar, The Alt World. -

When the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz carrier strike groups recently engaged in “operations” in the South China Sea, it failed to escape cynics that the US Pacific Fleet was doing its best to [...]

South China Sea Provocations And Meeting China Halfway

By Dr. Joseph Gerson, IPS News. -

In the words of (ret.) Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Secretary of Defense Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff, the Trump Administration has been dangerously “poking China in the eye.” After sending [...]

The US And China Are Dangerously Close To A Military Confrontation In The South China Sea

By Michael T. Klare, Responsible Statecraft. -

The Navy’s redeployment of the TR (as the nuclear-powered carrier is called) suggests a Pentagon drive to reassert U.S. military dominance in an area increasingly being visited by Chinese [...]