Federal Judges Block Efforts To Ease Rules For Mail-In Ballots

By Billy Corriher, Facing South. -

In the final weeks of the 2020 election, Republican-appointed appellate judges have overturned rulings that required states to make mail-in voting easier during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tens of [...]

Preempting Progress In The South

By Hunter Blair, David Cooper, Julia Wolfe, and Jaimie Worker, EPI. -

A new report from the Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN) at EPI and the Local Solutions Support Center (LSSC) describes the ways in which state interference—in the form of [...]

‘Starve The Beast’: Southern Campaigns To Divest, Decarcerate, And Re-Imagine Public Safety

By Zaina Alsous, Scalawagmagazine.org -

In La Casa Azul, “The Blue House” in East Point, Atlanta, organizers with the Racial Justice Action Center meet in what they call “the war room;" a room where they discuss political strategy, [...]

ICE: You’re Not Welcome In The South

By Justin Vest, Otherwords.org -

Last week, I dropped my kids off for their first day of school in our small Alabama town of not even 7,000 people. The kids were excited, but I was a nervous wreck. My kids — ages 8 and 11 — are [...]

The Importance Of The Fight For The South–And Why It Can And Must Be Won

By Bob WIng, www.organizingupgrade.com -

By Bob WIng and Stephen McClure for Organizing Upgrade - The importance of the fight for the South is a matter of considerable controversy. Whatever the rhetoric it's safe to say that most [...]

The Latest Challenges To The South’s Felony Disenfranchisement Laws

By Olivia Paschal, www.facingsouth.org -

By Olivia Paschal for Facing South - While all Southern states have laws disenfranchising people while they are incarcerated and on probation or parole, Florida stands out with one of the [...]

Challenging The Death Penalty In The South

By Rebekah Barber, www.facingsouth.org -

By Rebekah Barber for Facing South - "I understand this is a controversial issue but what isn't controversial is the evidence that led to my decision," Florida state prosecutor Aramis Ayala said [...]

Southern Communities Brace For Impact Of Big Oil’s Expansion Plans

By Sue Sturgis, www.facingsouth.org -

By Sue Sturgis for Facing South - President Donald Trump kicked off this week with a Monday morning tweet hailing — and seeming to wrongly take credit for — Exxon Mobil's plan for a $20 billion [...]

South’s Immigrant Advocates Build Networks Of Resistance

By Allie Yee, www.facingsouth.org -

By Allie Yee for Facing South - Immigrants have been the target of hateful rhetoric and actions since President-elect Donald Trump launched his campaign over a year ago. Galvanizing his base with [...]

The South Is Organizing — And There’s No One To Cover It

By Mike Elk, www.psmag.com -

By Mike Elk for Pacific Standard - The striking thing about being a recent northern immigrant to the South is how often I walk into a bar and hear people talking about Bernie Sanders. As an [...]

Being Black Still Barrier To Rural Cooperative Board Membership

By John Farrell, www.ilsr.org -

By John Farrell for ILSR - In 32 years, little has changed for electric cooperatives in the South. A recent study published by The Rural Power Project shared results of a similar survey (of 313 [...]

Guess Which Region Suspends Black Kids From School Most Often

By Joseph Williams, www.takepart.com -

By Joseph Williams in Take Part - It’s a problem that echoes the “black codes” of the nation’s Jim Crow era: African American schoolchildren nationwide are up to three times more likely than [...]

Imagining A Progressive South

By Chisolm Allenlundy, www.talkpoverty.org -

By Chisolm Allenlundy in Talk Poverty - “The South is not, today, one whole.” Those words, uttered by the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. in a March 30, 1963 essay for The Nation, are as true [...]

Winning With Each Other: Organizing The South

By Ngoc Loan Tran, www.wagingnonviolence.org -

I have spent most of my life growing up in the U.S. South. I was raised in North Carolina and growing up here meant receiving perplexed looks, condescending questions and upsetting dismissals [...]

Generational Struggle Needed To Re-Make The South

By Chris Kromm, www.southernstudies.org -

This month marks the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer, the massive organizing project that brought more than 1,000 volunteers to Mississippi and drew national attention to the ongoing civil [...]