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US Militarization Is A Threat To Peace

From 4-16 May, the 39th annual Tradewinds military exercise took place in Barbados, co-hosted by the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) and the United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM). This year’s exercise, dubbed Tradewinds 2024, involved more than 1600 military personnel from 26 participating countries plus representation from various regional organisations. In addition to the USA, which led the exercise, participants came from mostly Caribbean countries except Cuba; the old European colonial powers of the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands; Canada and the Latin American countries of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

SOUTHCOM Chief: United States Has A ‘5-Year Plan’ For Ecuador

The commander of the US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), General Laura Richardson, stated that the United States has a “five-year plan” in terms of security for Ecuador. “There are several things that we have done very recently with Ecuador,” General Richardson said in an interview with the Ecuadorian media Primicius on Tuesday, January 23. “For example, we have the Security Assistance Roadmap, called ESAR, with Ecuador. There is only one other country in the region with which we have signed this roadmap.” According to Richardson, the ESAR is a five-year plan that outlines “cooperation in security matters,” and it includes a binational working group to facilitate the exchange “between the Pentagon and Ecuador.”

Why Is The US Rushing To Form A Force To Intervene In Haiti?

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said it was necessary to send a "multinational force" to Haiti, precisely one day before the UN Security Council session and following the recent Caribbean (CARICOM) summit. At that meeting of the 15 States of the Caribbean subregion, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also called for accelerating the new aggression against the Haitian people. This happened just as Luis Abinader, President of the Dominican Republic, is recriminating the passivity of the so-called "international community" supervised by the United States and the Allied Powers; urging them to "move from words to deeds" and to intervene militarily as soon as possible.

NATO In The Amazon: Petro Plays With Fire

NATO recently expanded to Sweden and Finland, has been de facto incorporated in Ukraine, and may extend to Georgia. Now, NATO’s entry into the Amazon is in the works under the aegis of newly elected President Gustavo Petro of Colombia. NATO is a primary instrument of US imperial dominion. It is Washington’s praetorian guard projected on a global scale. Earlier this month, President Petro invited US and NATO military forces into the Amazon on the pretext that the imperial war machine could be repurposed as “police” aimed at protecting the environment instead of the old ruse of the war on drugs. He proposed deployment of US Black Hawk helicopters to put out fires. Previous to the environmental alibi, the pretext for militarization of the jungle was narcotics interdiction. Petro described his “conversation with NATO” as “strange,” but hastened to add “that’s where we are.”

SouthCom Warships Sailing Near Venezuelan Shores

The United States Navy (US) sailed into Venezuelan waters, “to challenge the excessive claim of Venezuela on June 23”, when the Minister of Popular Power for Defense, G / J Vladimir Padrino López , warned that a US ship entered 30 miles north of the Venezuelan coasts, calling the event a threat. According to US military forces, the “Freedom of Navigation” operation in the Caribbean Sea is being carried out “outside 12 nautical miles off the Venezuelan coast.” However, the ship sailed through an area that according to international law belongs to Venezuela. According to the Venezuelan Organic Law of Aquatic Spaces, the territorial sea has a width of twelve nautical miles (12 MN) along the continental and insular coasts of Venezuela, and additionally 12 more NM for the Contiguous Zone. International law also establishes 200 NM of Exclusive Economic Waters. Article 16 of this norm establishes that the passage of a ship through jurisdictional waters ceases to be “innocent” when the foreign ship makes threats or uses force against the sovereignty of Venezuela or violates the principles of Internal and International Law set forth in the UN Charter.

SouthCom Boosts US Military Presence In Latin America

The Donald Trump administration has ramped up US interventionism in Latin America, overseeing a far-right military coup in Bolivia and backing coup attempts against the leftist governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua. Against the backdrop of regime-change operations, the United States Southern Command has announced a massive expansion of its military presence in the region. Brazil will play an anchoring role in the new arrangement, embracing its new role as an extension of Pax Americana under the far-right government of Jair Bolsonaro. In recent months, Brazil has been designated a “major non-NATO ally” and signed a historic agreement incorporating its domestic defense industry into a Pentagon funding and research program.
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