Canada: Indigenous People Are Not Your Incompetent Children

By Alicia Elliott, The Globe and Mail -

This is a story of how one decision illustrates the centuries-long relationship between a country's government and the Indigenous people of that land. It is a story of a name change and the [...]

Harvest Like Our Ancestors: The Resistance Is Fertile

By Ruth Hopkins, -

By Ruth Hopkins for Indian Country Today - It’s time for the harvest. Traditionally, the Oceti Sakowin (Great Sioux Nation) are hunter gatherers. For generations, our children have gotten excited [...]

The People’s Congress Of Resistance

By People's Congress of Resistance, -

By the Convenors of the People's Congress of Resistance. We are excited to release the Manifesto of the People's Congress of Resistance! Titled "Society for the Many: A vision for revolution," [...]

Maine’s Food Sovereignty Law Touted As Nationwide First

By Julia Bayly, -

By Julia Bayly for Bangor Daily News - With a stroke of his pen, Gov. Paul LePage last week enacted landmark legislation putting Maine in the forefront of the food sovereignty movement. LePage [...]

Ecuador Shows Why National Sovereignty Is So Important

By Mark Weisbrot, -

By Mark Weisbrot for The Hill - National sovereignty is an undervalued asset in today's world, especially by the international media, where the views of Washington and its allies largely prevail. [...]

Cherokee Nation Has The Right To A Delegate In Congress

By Tristan Ahtone, -

By Tristan Ahtone for Yes! Magazine. As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to occupy the Oval Office, much of Indian Country is bracing for the worst. But the U.S. Congress has an opportunity [...]

Struggle Against Racism And ‘Fortress-Europe’

By Panagiotis Sotiris, -

By Panagiotis Sotiris for Spectrezine - The refugee crisis has demonstrated the deep crisis of the European Union. For the past years not only it has not been able to deal with the arrival of a [...]

Newsletter – Standing Rock And American Genocide

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. As we write this newsletter, we are driving to North Dakota to volunteer at Standing Rock. We have been wanting to go for many months but could not because of [...]

Zapatista Solution To Food Sovereignty, Decolonization & Equity

By Levi Gahman, -

By Levi Gahman for The Solutions Journal - One of the biggest threats to food security the world currently faces is neoliberalism. It’s logic, which has become status quo over the past 70 years [...]

Original Peoples, Sovereignty, Industry, And Salmon

By Kim Petersen, -

By Kim Petersen for American Herald Tribune - LAX KXEEN3 – In January, a two-day Salmon Nation Summit discussed the science behind a corporation’s bid to set up industry in salmon habitat, [...]

Food Sovereignty: This is What Anarchy Looks Like

By Boyan Atzev, -

By Boyan Atzev for Resilience. The principles of food sovereignty are best followed in anarchy. The definition states that one should have direct control and choice over the kind of food one [...]

Indonesia Committing Secret Genocide In West Papua

By Benny Wenda, -

By Benny Wenda for Yapen, West Papua - I am full of grief to learn reports that 4 more West Papuan people were killed and 8 more shot in cold blood by the Indonesian military [...]

Next Phase Of TPP Resistance

By Staff, -

By Staff for Popular Resistance. The mobilization to stop the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) in DC from November 14 to 18 was a great success! Hundreds attended the arts build and training [...]

Global Flag Raising For West Papua’s Freedom

By Margaret Flowers, -

By Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The struggle in West Papua is intimately related to international agreements like the TPP because West Papua is rich in mineral resources. West Papua [...]

Hawaii One Step Closer To Declaring Sovereignty From U.S. Government

By Carey Wedler, -

By Carey Wedler for Counter Current News - Honolulu, HI — This week, Native Hawaiians initiated an historical election that may grant them sovereignty from the United States and the state of [...]

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